[Startup] Triple Shot Expressiccino Zahya

vesper 230

Vesper's 10-step guide to having fun with Netrunner without going overboard with preparation, because your life might be keeping you busy in other ways:

  1. Take a deck someone else put together (thanks, Oddball!)
  2. Deliberate a bit.
  3. But not too much.
  4. Change a few cards up.
  5. Deliberate a bit more.
  6. But seriously, don't overdo it.
  7. Change a few cards again (to some that were there previously, duuuh).
  8. Put actual cards together, pack your mat and tokens, go to the place.
  9. Have fun while playing and hanging out with nice people.
  10. Something-something-points-prizes. Fun and nice people still more important :-)

Thanks to Diana and PSK for organizing! Sometimes Be Running (Sometimes Be Installing And Drawing Up)!

11 Aug 2022 ataraxis

nice write-up!

14 Aug 2022 Oddball

@vesper Glad you enjoyed the deck and made it your own!

Playing in person is amazing too!

15 Aug 2022 vesper

@ataraxis and no frozen bread needed! (I had some in my freezer, anyway, just in case)

@Oddball You built a great inspiration with interesting decision-making included :-) Thanks to you!