Just get the Twinning counters | 8th, NANPC Boston

Nykride 101

The deck went 2-1 in swiss, and 0-1 in the cut.

After weeks of showing me the deck in action, CTZ finally sold me on Ken. So this deck is basically my take on CTZ_INTERGALACTIC_WORM, but is far less exciting.


  • Lots of money
  • Excellent at having the Twinning counters needed on key turns to control the board via Hermes bounces. You can charge with PPVP, Maemi, Poemu, Debbie, Cezve and Bones.
  • All the important tech. Crim's only real strengths right now seem to be Hermes and having the best tech cards. 2x Bones, 1x Pinhole, 2x Inside Job (which is also 2 more copies of pinhole if you squint).
  • Flexible: the deck can be fast and aggro with Boomerang and Inside Job, can slow down the game and keep the corp in a hole with Diversions, or can contest glaciers with Takobi and Debbie credits.


  • Minimal draw, only 3x Bahia Bands and 3x Class Act. I installed basically every Class Act I drew. The hypothesis was that the deck has enough money, and Class Act is the fastest way to convert money to draw. Ultimately, this weakness is why rongydoge chose to corp against me in the cut, and I'll be reevaluating the draw.
  • It's not Hoshiko.

Round 2: Loss vs Rohit (PE): Died to Bladderwort / Reaper Function. I need to learn how to play against PE.

Round 3: Win vs Kysra (NEH): I don't remember the game super well, but I think I got Bones down early and got good single accesses.

Round 6: Win vs Vergescu (PD): Landed two Diversions early, and that set me far ahead in tempo. Managed to lock R&D until we got to the bottom of the deck where the agendas were.

Cut round 1: Loss vs rongydoge (Sportsmetal): Very close game. My draw shortage hurt here, and I didn't get breakers set up in time. Ian had a sick play where he fast-advanced Vitruvius with Ikawah in the remote. Once he got to 5 points, I chose to play carefully so as not to risk letting Ablative Barrier fire, and the sports clutch factor won out.

Thanks to NotAgain, Ysengrin, Whiteblade, and everyone else who made this excellent tournament a reality!

Shoutout to my San Francisco Bay Area meta-mates Tak, Winston, and CTZ for all the help with testing!

Shoutout to CTZ for teaching me how to actually run.

28 May 2024 Dave976

Twinning can charge with Bones ? ? Judge Call

28 May 2024 rongydoge

great to play you on the day, love me some ken vwp

28 May 2024 thebigunit3000

It was great watching this deck do its thing. Congrats!

29 May 2024 Nykride

Great playing you too rongydoge, I've been inspired by your crim play since Cascadia!

Thanks tbu3k!

29 May 2024 Wentagon

Weaknesses: It's not Hoshiko (power level)

Strengths: It's not Hoshiko (moral victory)

30 May 2024 Nykride