Aesthetics of Hate

Jashay 705

Finally managed to put together a deck I like using the man with my favourite flavour text!

This initially started out as an attempt to use as much drip economy as possible (Hard at Work, Data Folding, Underworld Contact, Daily Casts), with The Supplier grinding out the cost reductions. After a little bit of testing, it seemed like it worked better in Kate, and I was running that deck for a while. Problem was, it was slow as all hell to get going, and got hosed by almost any FA.

With the recent revalation that is L4J, I've gone back to Edward Kim and retweaked the economy. There's still a lot of drip econ, but Career Fair allows me to get Earthrise Hotel and Liberated Account down quickly, and use the money and cards from them to facilitate the rest.

The Plan

Super simple; get money, get breakers, get multi-access. If you can get up to 5+ per turn it becomes quite difficult for the Corp to keep up with your money supply. Hard at Work with Adjusted Chronotype and Gene Conditioning Shoppe can supply 4/turn without cost, and Underworld Contact and Daily Casts can add yet more. Symmetrical Visage is great for paying you to do what you would anyway.

Sure Gamble is a gimme, and Liberated Account is more burst econ. Playing this early with Career Fair can get you set for cash really easily. Earthrise Hotel and Vigil allow for more card drawing to get the things you need.

Breaker-wise, I have simply picked the most efficient Fracter and Killer, and the almost-best Decoder. Eater is very handy as an early facechecker, or as a save-your-life card later if you run into something horrible you weren't prepared for. It has no real synergy with the deck, though, hence the singlet.

Medium and Nerve Agent for multi-access.


Am I getting significant work out of Access to Globalsec and Underworld Contact? Neither is of much use without the other, so am I effectively using 6 cards to make sure I can use 3? Would it be more efficient to put in a number of cards that stand alone, but don't necessarily give me drip credits, per se? For example, Cyberfeeder is effectively a credit per turn in a lot of situations, and does not need a trigger card. Kati Jones is much beloved, and could possibly push the econ better than Underworld Contact. Despite all the cash inflow, you don't want to waste it all trashing stuff, so would Scrubber be a viable pick?

That said, am I ignoring the ancilliary advantage of Access to Globalsec? People don't tend to think much about link-boosting in and of itself, but if you get 3 then a huge swathe of effects become somewhat trivial.

Is the breaker suite the right balance? Garrote is expensive to play, and eats both influence and . Could I make do with a less efficient option and look to my income to carry me through? Do I really need Eater?

Should I rejig the deck to include ICE destruction? It would help keep costs down.

Is Vigil the right console? isn't a significant issue as it stands; I only really need +1 to get everything. Vigil is there for card draw, but would I be better served by, say Spinal Modem for the , or even Turntable to annoy everyone?

Tl;dr: Plan to have a lot of constant econ with efficient breakers, but I keep second guessing myself with the specifics. Really need to test this one thoroughly.

Thanks for reading! As ever, comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

10 Jun 2015 WardOfTheWoods

Rather than run Access to Globalsec, have you considered running Dyson Mem Chip so you can add in Data Folding for even more drip econ? It seems like it would be a good fit.

10 Jun 2015 Jashay

I have tried it, yes; it worked well in the previous version of this deck, which was a Kate deck running The Supplier. When a Dyson Mem Chip is free and Data Folding costs 1 it is incredible, if slow to set up.

However, my cost-reducer became Career Fair, which is better for the more explosive starts using Earthrise Hotel and Liberated Account. It still works well on Daily Casts and, yes, Data Folding, but it doesn't work on the Dyson Mem Chip. Having to pay the full cost of the chip to ensure that I kept getting 1 per turn seemed a poor exchange; one Dyson Mem Chip and one Data Folding take 6 turns to pay for themselves.

That said, I haven't shelved the idea entirely. I'm considering a spin-off deck which uses both Career Fair and The Supplier for a potential combination of fast starts and sustained discounts. That deck will almost certainly run the combo.

11 Jun 2015 Dydra

It is now the moment that I notice that Hard at Work is not unique and you can stack them hahahah ... nice one :) I hope this deck brings u glory as the HaW deck :)

11 Jun 2015 Jashay

I know, right? So expensive to set up the double (15), but 4 per turn is pretty glorious! I'm always so paranoid about people sniping the Adjusted Chronotype, even though it has literally never happened yet...

11 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

I would find room for inject. I built out a kim HaW chronotype and it takes so long and is so order dependant, because you can massively fall behind if you need the econ, but lose the clicks.

You can reasonably run HaW for a while on 3 clicks, but you need to chrono ASAP, especially in non-glacier matches.

Lovin it though :P

11 Jun 2015 Jashay

I keep to-ing and fro-ing on Inject. It's absolutely amazing, but I am perpetually worried about it dropping both my breakers of a certain type. I'm fully aware that it's slightly less than a 1% chance, but the paranoia remains!

I could squeeze 2 in easily, perhaps 3. But I wouldn't have a lot of room for recursion should calamity strike.

So, as a direct question to more experienced Anarchs in general (and you, @x3r0h0ur, in particular); is it worth the risk running Inject without any recursion? Is my paranoia unfounded?

12 Jun 2015 AsteriskCGY

I think recursion is going to be needed, but I think something can be dropped to offset the draw. That or consider Wyldside. Chopbot for an off switch.

12 Jun 2015 Jashay

I don't think Wyldside fits. Earthrise Hotel does its job without the need for extraneous off switches, and without competing for the Adjusted Chronotype bonus. There's already too many things that need to be played in the correct order.

If you meant run Wyldside instead of Inject; the former gives me four cards two full turns later. Inject can give me four cards instantly, albeit with a downside. When I have as many small combos as I do (Career Fair + ERH/LibAcc/Casts, the Pancake Combo, UC + Globalsec) it's important to maximise the possibility of hitting the bits at the right time. So burst draw >> constant draw in those circumstances.

I could try and free up the influence for something like Diesel, Quality Time, or even Express Delivery, but it seems silly when there's such a good in-faction option in Inject.

25 Jun 2015 Restartt

Does Vigil Draw you a lot? it seems anti synergistic with Kim - Kim keeps the corp's hand smaller than usual.

Since you're running link anyway, it might be worth the extra 2c for spinal modem? the link somewhat negates the downside, and thats an EXTRA 2c every turn you run.

Have you considered dropping a garrote and a zu for two special orders? I'd hate to draw a second garrote or zu, but i'm always fine with more special orders. in fact, you could even do one special order one SMC for that influence, making kim a little faster in finding his full suite (and smc can get your multiaccess cards on the fly, once you've already passed ice.