Cyberfeeder 2[credit]

Hardware: Chip
Influence: 1

1[recurring credit]

Use this credit to pay for using icebreakers or for installing virus programs.

I feel almost naked without it.
Illustrated by Gong Studios
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Core Set (core)

#5 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2022-04-24

    Can you use the credits hosted on Cyberfeeder to pay for Femme Fatale’s bypass ability?

    Yes. Since the bypass ability is an optional ability, you are considered to be using the ability. The credits from Cyberfeeder can be spent to pay for the use of that ability.


(Core Set Perspective)

Very much the 'face' of Netrunner for me, as it was one of the first images I saw of the game, and I think it captures the theme perfectly. It's got technology, attitude and style; what's not to like?

Now, onto more game-related stuff. In my experience (so far), this card might not be the most exciting thing to see, but it never feels like a dead draw. You pull an Access to Globalsec when you don't need it and no matter how much of positive engine of optimism you are, a part of you sighs. This on the other hand is more likely to make you go 'oo!' and think about exciting things like sensible investments in the rigging business, upfront costs vs longterm payouts and all kinds of awesome nerdy crap.

It's almost always handy to have around, something to make your day a little bit easier and something to spend any spare cash you've got on hand. Here's a few things I didn't fully appreciate about this card when I started playing it:

  • Like Desperado, it's easy to underestimate how useful 1 can be. In clutch cases, that will be the difference between accessing a card or not, and you never know when you might need it. The more Cyberfeeders you have down, the more guaranteed 'power' you have available for when you need it. Seriously, every little helps!

  • In indirect terms, and with the right breaker down, a set of these can neutralise a layer of early to mid-game ICE. A general rule is that ICE stings you once and taxes you thereafter. This weakens sprung ICE further by removing its remaining value. For instance, with good old Corroder and one of these, a Wall of Static only costs you 1 'real' credit to get through, or is free with two. Coupled with something like Datasucker and you'll find yourself worrying far less about money.

  • Greetings Anarchs! Oh shucks, you've found yourself robbed of your precious life monies again. Maybe it was the constant running? (right on, fight the power) Maybe it was clearing all those tags? (don't feel bad, that place looked legit to me too) Maybe you just seized the day just a little too hard and now it's choking and calling you an a**hole? Let's not worry about that. Whatever the reason, this means a Virus-loving, plays-by-your-own-rules type is out of luck, right? Wrong! With these handy brain plugs you can be up and using your cute little Murder Haribo again in no time. Don't get caught starving. Feed your needs, with Cyberfeed(ers).

(Fear the Masses era)
I love Cyberfeeders! It is a great economy card, affordable to virtually any faction, not only Anarchs. (I'd also like to say I lol'd @ "that place looked legit to me too" and if you keep posting these reviews, my stomach is never going to recover.) —
Upvoted for Murder Haribo _b —

Cyberfeeder is a great source of credits, and for a long time was one of Anarch’s primary method of paying for their runs. Anarch has long been considered one of the poorest of Runner factions, and only in the last few packs as well as Order and Chaos did they manage to get some very good money options. It’s use is dying down, but it will never go completely out of style. It works in any deck that has the space for it, giving a source of income that is renewable and easy to access. It even works to pay for that virus token on Darwin at the start of the turn.

It is well costed for its ability, not being too much of a drain to put down and seeing it early enough means that it can provide a hefty sum of credits over the course of a game. It is a staple card, that will see use, but not one that screams out for strange interactions with other cards.

(Written during the meta of The Valley, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit

(The Valley era)
So, here's a weird thing: this is the fifth card in the core set, but the picture clearly shows it as #7, with no set symbol at all. Was this a pre-release testing scan? —
Yep, came here to see how many are in the core. For anyone else: three. Full playset is in one core. —