Data Folding

Data Folding 3[credit]

Resource: Virtual
Influence: 0

When your turn begins, gain 1[credit] if you have 2 or more unused MU.

"Sometimes I like to make origami cranes out of old newsrags. It helps me think, putting it back on the subconscious. I figure it's the same principle for my rig – keep it busy and it makes me a few creds for my trouble." -Quetzal
Illustrated by Liiga Smilshkalne
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Order and Chaos (oac)

#55 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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After playing around with this card abit it's best described as Underworld Contact +1 & i am not just referring to its cost. At first glance it looks abit worse with the higher cost both cards require stuff to work 2 in one case 2 in the other.

However this is untrue as the difference is no runner has 2 to start with (at time of writing) so you need at least one other card for Underworld Contact to work but all runners starts with at least 4 spare so this card doesn't actually need any other cards to function. This alone makes Data Folding better than Underworld Contact especially if you factor in deck slots and cost for the other card also. You can even use this happily with a regular rig 3 programs and a console or Chaos Theory: Wünderkind. is actually easy to keep free with only minor +.

All in all it works fine if your rig leaves you with 2 MU free or you have the kind of deck that can have a huge rig but generally doesn't install it all or use that extra MU for more than a turn. (generally Anarch with Parasites and the like)


Drip econ that never run's out.

Works from Turn 1 with no Setup.

An easy fit if theirs nothing you want to use that extra MU on.


Can be a little slow.

Can be shut down or restrict what programs you can play.

(Order and Chaos era)
I agree, Pink. I love #Data Folding in my Iain deck, as by nature, his rigs come out gradually and he isn't over-anxious to make runs. —
100% agree. I use it in my own CT Sage deck so I always have spare MU. This cards helps me get the best out of all the MU I have. Throw it down turn one and it easily earns itself back. Combine it with Daily Casts and you have a great independent drip econ. —
This card is the MVP of my CT Sage deck as well. 3x Data Folding and 3x Lockpicks and 1x e3 Feedback Implants means you can break everything they have every turn for free. —

Daily Casts: gains 8 credits in four turns
Data Folding: gains 8 credits in eight turns. Turns off when you start installing programs, unless you also spend credits and cards increasing your memory well beyond what you need for your rig.

Basically, don't play this card instead of Daily Casts. Probably don't play it in addition to Daily Casts unless you are playing a deck that will stall the game out incredibly long AND has excess MU (MemStrips or some sort of Ekomind combo)

(Order and Chaos era)
Have to disagree with the above review slightly. Yes, daily casts is faster. It also turns off after 4 turns. Stacked data folding doesnt. I run a CT deck with both daily casts + data folding and 5c a turn was common, with a full breaker suite out. —
Data Folding isn't a standard economy card, so it's easy to write off. But the fact is, if you are playing a deck with an unusual rig setup (Dirty Hands Exile, Progenitor Noise, etc) or running cards with phantom mem tricks (Deep Red, Mem Strips), this card is a BEAST. If the trigger condition is not a concern, 1c drip every turn for the rest of the game is not small potatoes - and 2 or all 3 is next-level bonkers. The two caveats are real though: you must play it early and you must have the mem TO SPARE. Not be able to ignore if you have to, TO SPARE. Think of it as a 2 mem program - then the upside becomes that multiples dont hog any more mem but increase efficiency. Great niche card. —

I'm kind of surprised that noone's mentioned this in use with Sunny! (The first comment mentions no runners starting with 2 , too. . . look no further!)

I've been running 3 of these and 3 Underworld Contact in a Sunny deck and it's honestly ridiculous. Best case scenario, you get these set up early game, and you're making 3-6 credits every turn, clickless, thanks to Sunny's breakers never taking up MU space. With Security Nexus, you've got 3 MU outside your breakers to work with for stuff like Datasucker.

Add Sure Gamble and Daily Casts and you've got yourself one hell of an economy.

Just watch out for The All-Seeing I.

(Fear the Masses era)
Sunny has no actual predispositions to run this card, as it requires free MU, not link. —
Implied —
Sunny's breaker suite don't take up MU if you have more thank 2 link. —
Implied statement not made by original poster: Sunny using Security Nexus and her breakers has 3 MU to spend before this turns off. More if you use Dyson Mem Chips for more link... —
Thanks, Goldstep! Edited the original post to include that. —
Goodie. That's the obvious part I've been somehow completely missing. Thanks for pointing that out! —