Gene Conditioning Shoppe

Gene Conditioning Shoppe 2[credit]

Resource: Location
Influence: 1

Genetics also trigger the second time each turn their trigger condition is met.

"These g-mods haven't hit the consumer market yet, but I can hook you up."
Illustrated by James Ives
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The Valley (val)

#6 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
The Valley

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There will be a massive Genetics build, for sure. Most genetics are good on their own, but adding in a second proc is very, very good. Love the 2 cost and 1 inf, very very good choice FFG! Opening up wyldside + quan ju PT is awesome in anarch granting you "all the clicks" with stimdealer and amped up. One day a 7+ click anarch will exist, and I hope it uses this somehow (be it pseudo clicks with 2 cards from Wyldside and 2 credits from HAW, or enabling Josh B at no risk...or both???)

5/5 for what it does.

(The Valley era)
So is there any benefit to having multiples of this installed? It can't make a Genetis trigger a third or fourth time, right? —
I would say no, because the text specifically states "the second time each turn". If you could stack them, it would say something like "an additional time each turn." —
Not sure why this wasn't a unique, though. —
Does this trigger both adjusted chronotype AND symmetrical visage twice? i.e. can i use HAW+HAW and draw to get a credit and draw to get a credit? —
@vincentkbl I think the answer is "yes". It doesn't say "first genetics each turn fire twice", just all the genetics that are played this turn. —