BWBI - Because We've Better ICE

Jashay 705

The credit for this has to go to LSK and his fun-looking Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future deck:

However, I took one look at that deck, and realised that perhaps, at last, there was a deck that would run better with Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It that with any other Identity. I never thought I'd see the day...

So yeah, not really much to explain! 14 bits of ICE give you money. Almost all of your agendas give you money. 16 bits of ICE are advanceable, with a lot of them getting cheaper to rez as they go, and most of the rest get stronger or nastier.

Minelayer and Architect help get those towers going. Builder helps beef them up, but if not, the free credit can make up the difference.

Of course, all this is theorycraft. I will test it, though, because I think this could be hilarious. And since I'm trying silly things, I'm going to try and make Sensei work! And Woodcutter!

And again, credit to LSK for the original idea.

16 Jan 2015 Myriad

If you put some conventional economy in here, you might be onto something.

Try it out, but I think you will probably be trimming it down to put in some cards like constellation grid, hedge fund and other things.

With that said, I think the space ICE was made for this ID. While the ICE is fine without the ID, this ID can get a pretty huge savings by playing them. Perhaps even allowing a glacier build outside of Blue Sun?

17 Jan 2015 Jashay

LSK has adapted his to include some Melange Mining Corp. and Peak Efficiencys. I'd like to give this deck a few more spins first before tweaking it, but yes, Constellation Protocol and Commercialization seem like easy picks. Perhaps even Amazon Industrial Zone; that would generate some crazy savings

23 Jan 2015 EnderA

I would recommend taking a look at Eden Fragment, since those install costs are going to grow fairly large.

27 Jan 2015 Jashay

@EnderA: Sorry, I completely missed that someone had commented! I considered Eden Fragment, but an issue I'm worried I'll have is that I'll need to have a fairly solid server to score a 5-cost agenda. Most of the early benefit would therefore be lost. But I do intend to try it before I write it off, though.

I also considered, should I stray from the path of purity, putting in The Root. Hopefully it would be protectable, and I've got plenty to use it on. It would allay a large amount of the install costs

27 Jan 2015 EnderA

You do already have 2 Government Contracts, which are 5-costers. I don't know how tall you usually get with your ice, but it would probably save 2 or more credits per turn, making it more efficient. Geothermal Fracking is a 4-coster, and but that's almost the same difficulty to score.

The Root could work. The question would be what to cut for it. An upside is then you could bluff an agenda with it. Otherwise, the moment you lay down something on a remote server they know it's an agenda.

29 Jan 2015 Jashay

True enough. Geothermal Fracking has a very immediate payout, though. Swapping the Government Contracts for Eden Fragment and Utopia Fragment would actually be fair idea.

Yeah, the deck needs at least some Assets and Upgrades as things stand. The question is always what to cut. (Well, ICE, obviously...). I've actually only tested it once; I'm always a little uncomfortable using proxies, for some reason. When Order and Chaos drops I'll work out the kinks.

Thanks for the input!