One use of this card I haven't seen in other reviews or decks yet is combing it with Enhanced Login Protocol, Oaktown Grid or Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions and Product Recall. The Virtual Tour turns Recall into a super Restructure but without needing an up-front investment of ten credits. This allows you to quickly bounce back from getting Account Siphoned, although it is a two card combo. This is especially useful after the runner has encountered the Tour, can't pay to trash it, and is now able to avoid ever paying its trash cost again. Other 0 rez 5 trash cards include Disposable HQ, Cybernetics Court, Marked Accounts. Sealed Vault is your best target for the Recall of course. Mumbad City Hall will fetch both your Tours and your Recalls to help enable the combo.


Drive By, Muertos Gang Member, Raymond Flint, Silhouette: Stealth Operative, Infiltration, Satellite Uplink, Snitch and Emergency Shutdown all combo with this console remarkably well and can really create economic heartache for an unprepared corp. As Blackguard is currently absent in the meta, it makes the synergy all the more unexpected. But it's expensive to get out, and once it is out, the corp could protect themselves very cheaply with Underway Grid, assuming it becomes more prevalent in the meta.

The only viable ways to install it for cheaper at the moment are Street Peddler (nice synergy with Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord and opens up surprise plays for the runner that the corp won't see coming), The Supplier and Modded, and none makes it cheaper than 8 to install, barring ridiculous Eureka! or Trade-In jank.

Doesn't work with Drive By unfortunately. Drive By has to completely resolve before you can use the ability of Blackguard, so the asset is trashed before you can force the rez. —
I really do just want this to work so badly! —
Eureka! is less janky if you combine it with Rolodex, especially out of Sil with her small deck size. It's still pretty slow, though, and if the corp gets their econ up faster than you do it doesn't matter much. —
Phoenix - that's not true; Blackguard WILL force the Corp to rez the Drive-by target before it's trashed. The first part of Drive By occurs (expose), which triggers the conditional ability of Blackguard, and the Cascading Triggers rule says that resolves before the rest of Drive-By happens. —
Personal Workshop shenanegans are a viable way to install it for cheap. Stimhack, for example, will pay for 9 of those credits. —
At first glance an obvious play might be to increase rez cost of cards in order to make Blackguard even more taxing for the corp, but be careful how you do that. Any card that adds an additional cost to the rez (like Cortez Chip) enables the corp to just decline paying the additional cost, even if they could. Flat increases to rez cost (like Rook) should be fine, though. —
<p>GPI Net Tap: Corp must always rez ice.</p> —