TheBigBoy 8554

Bait runs and drain clicks with this Runthenet featured deck!

24 Apr 2016 HexNet

I appreciate that deck slots are tight. Have you tested the following cards:

Reversed Accounts - advance it once, and if they run, great. If they credit up instead of running, the following turn you pop it (possibly advancing it again first), then install an agenda.

NAPD Contract - since this is a taxing deck, NAPD feels right at home. It's easier to never-advance than an Global, too.

25 Apr 2016 ncaron

After a few tries I really love the deck. Been wanting to build this type of deck forever and you succeeded where I failed.

Feels like Keegan would be good in the deck but I have no clue what I'd remove for it...

25 Apr 2016 HexNet

I don't think there's enough tags for him, especially where Bernice doesn't trigger until the end.

25 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@AlternityThere's not really enough binary ICE for Keegan to be worth it. I'd rather they pay to remove the tag :)

Glad you like the deck! :)

25 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Wouldn't Breaking News fit better than 15 Minutes for triggering Closed Accounts and The All-Seeing I?

25 Apr 2016 coyotemoon722

Needs more Midseasons

25 Apr 2016 rojazu

can you find room for Hunter?

25 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@lolpacaThe tag punishment is very much a back-up plan. I'd rather basically have 8 agendas.

@rogedavi``@coyotemoon722Once you add too many cards that ONLY tag people you also need to add more punishment. I actually don't want runners to go tag-me a lot of the time. I just don't mind if they do because I spent so little on the card that tagged them. If someone goes tag-me then the 1 credit loss on Turnpike is usually very relevant still, since tagged players are usually poor. Hunter would be a liability.

25 Apr 2016 enk

I like it! This was the style of NBN I played and liked a lot at the very beginning when I got into the game. Nice to see someone make it playable in this meta.

25 Apr 2016 Greek Geek

I really like this. It has a very old school feel although it is undeniably a child of the current meta. Looks really fine tuned. If I could fit ONE tag punishment card inside it would be a single Phsyco over everything else. It can give you a surprise win if the runner floats tags. It happens more often that people think it happens.

25 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@Greek GeekMy first draft had 1 Psycho and I didn't fire it once in over 20 games so I got cut. The idea behind it IS sound, it just never really comes together...

26 Apr 2016 ncaron

A few games I wish I had a fast track to close the game... not sure what to remove though.

26 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

If you're getting R&D locked it probably means you should have pushed harder.

26 Apr 2016 Sysp

Love this deck, yet another lovely way of forcing your opponent to play Netrunner the way I love to play Netrunner (scoring windows, credit calculation, tempo etc).

After playing the deck 10 times or so now I would only swap a Wraparound for a Resistor to have some extra omph if they go "tag me" which happens from time to time, other than that I love the deck card for card. It's not like Resistor is bad with Making News trace credits either.

26 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Will you make room for Aryabhata Tech when Salsette drops?

26 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

No. It gets trashed by Whizzard. I'd use it if it was an upgrade maybe :)

26 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@SyspAnother possibility is to Cut the Eli and 1 other card and add an Ash and Resistor. This is a good move if they are no Criminals in your meta and you feel you don't need the Eli.

27 Apr 2016 Aesynil

I've tested it out a few times, and it's an amusing deck. Thanks for the interesting idea!

27 Apr 2016 Sysp

Another Ash would be awesome, Ash + Bernice + SanSan is such an evil remote.

I would probably cut one of the clunkier economy cards - Launch Campaign or Restructure (and also make the Eli -> Resistor switch to free up the inf).

Depends a bit on how many fakes we want for the never advance plan. I think I'd give a Restructure the axe, Launch Campaign is decent in your scoring server for bouncing back from low credit totals.

27 Apr 2016 whirrun

I'm curious as to why Launch campaign is better than melange in the remote? It seems like it would be lower impact and less liable to force runs in the early / mid game for only 1 more trash cost.

28 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

Melange is awkward to use in practice. You don't want something to clog your remote for that long usually and you have lots of stuff to do all the time. You're rarely clicking for credits except to sometimes build a restructure.

30 Apr 2016 enk

Extra irony points for making a list called Clickbait to decklist of the week. Cheers!

30 Apr 2016 zwarbo

What are your thoughts on swapping the -2x Launch Campaigns for +2x Mumbad Virtual Tours?

They still work as bait and could force a drain on credits or an Imp token depending on access order. Also, as an upgrade, they can go in the same remote as a facedown Jackson faking a SanSan/Agenda play.

30 Apr 2016 zwarbo

Sorry never mind, forgot about the 7 asset restriction.

2 May 2016 PeterCapObvious


2 May 2016 tonybluehose

+1 to @PeterCapObvious. Excellent

2 May 2016 EnderA

Would Surveillance Sweep be worthwhile? It would help you absolutely dominate trace wars, especially when they have a lot of link.

2 May 2016 TheBigBoy

The 2 credit cost is killer. People RARELY beat the traces in this deck anyway.

If people are running link, play a different deck.

5 May 2016 PeterCapObvious

@tonybluehose ;)

6 May 2016 Bandura

R&D lock is a real danger here

6 May 2016 TheBigBoy

I've said this before, but if the runner sets up a genuine sustainable lock then you played too passively.

8 May 2016 Nordrunner

Alright you addressed this earlier, but I am greedy and want more explanation... :) why is 8 agendas better than having easier ability to punish with tags? My sense is BN is better if you will play 2 tag punishment cards, but you have prob a bajillion more reps than me. Whats your thoughts?

8 May 2016 lolpaca

Took this to a store champs today after having last-minute doubts about my Corp deck. There were a couple of situations where BN + All-Seeing I would have probably won me the game, but on the whole I can see why 15 Minutes fits better.

Awesome deck, I'd never played it before and I've got to admit I had my doubts given how porous most of the ice is, but it works incredibly well. I had 2 losses, mostly to agenda flood and a string of very lucky single accesses from a full HQ.

8 May 2016 TheBigBoy

@NordrunnerIf you meta is 100% anarch then I guess play BN, but the 15 minutes is CRITICAL against Kate/Hayley. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful it is that you can FORCE them to run your remote with 15 minutes. They will think you are about to win with GFI and go HAM, often taking tags and losing their board.

8 May 2016 TheBigBoy

Obviously you can do this with any agenda, but if they end up on game point right after it's less good.

Also the BN play is just not consistent enough with only 1 copy in the deck.

8 May 2016 WiseKensai

Took this thing to regionals, no edits. Did super poorly, but man did I have a good time. Clickbait is an absolute blast to play! Thank you for posting this! People do all sorts of silly things against this deck: dumping their whole hand to Faust to get through Wraparound, making this face o_O at an Ichi 1.0, or just re-reading Troll over and over on a Keyhole run.

Like @Alternity, I wanted Fast Track so bad. I lost twice with a rezzed SanSan behind all sorts of nastiness, with 2-3 unused Astro tokens. Still, I think you're right about not pushing hard enough. I got antsy and Jackson'ed away some GFIs that were clogging my hand early before I had my remote set up.

Especially in the current meta, people are very very tag-adverse and will often clear tags and Forked your Turnpikes or something. I find that people are also usually pretty poor against you, so maybe -Closed Accounts, +Fast Track, but that just screams "bad idea don't do it" to me. My personal meta is pretty full of broke-as-what Anarchs right now, so maybe I'm biased. Clearly, I need to put more time in with this super fun deck.

8 May 2016 lolpaca

I definitely felt the need for Fast Track too. I got into the annoying position of having 3 Astros scored but both Beales stolen, and no chance of closing out with GFI because the runner was checking everything in my remote without fail. This was my agenda flooded game - amazingly he got both my Beales and missed all my Astros, but eventually he got me with a Maker's Eye dig that hit two GFIs.

Might try 1 instead of a Restructure. Worth pointing out that it works especially well with 15 Minutes as you can click it back from their score area, Fast Track it and install-score on a SanSan with an Astro counter in the same turn.

8 May 2016 TheBigBoy

It's very scary feeling, but try to hold onto a GFI if you can. If you're trying to win by scoring 4 agendas that's why you're getting locked. I score GFI in 80-90% of the games I win.

9 May 2016 Voodoofly

So I've been playing this deck for a couple of weeks now, online and at our local store nights, and it's an absolute blast. It is also surprisingly competitive, both before it was on the front page and less well known as well as after. I ended up dropping the Eli and a Restructure for a second Ash and a Resistor. Having played that version for 20+ games I don't think I'm switching back. The Eli was one of the best pieces of ICE in the deck but Ash is the MVP - the best ETR is forcing the runner to run a taxing server twice in one turn. A few of my own observations, for whatever they are worth:

  • I'm thinking of ditching Resistor for a 3rd Popup Window. It helps alleviate the loss of restructure and allows you to drop lower in credits to rush out an early Astro. I'm never sad to see a Popup in my opening hand and I can't think of a single time I didn't want to play another one. 2 Ash and Interns I think will make up for the loss of another (semi) ETR Ice.
  • When in doubt, don't bluff. I've lost too many games because I threw in a Bernice or CVS instead of a Beale into a taxing remote. Even when a runner has the credits and board to make the run, don't underestimate how intimidating just the threat of a bluff can be. The ICE and potential bluff is scary enough to allow you to push out fast, and losing an agenda in exchanve for dropping the runner down to zero can be a wash in many situations.
  • If they have link, go as fast as possible. You can still win, but take advantage of the early turns when you trolls still do something.
  • I really want a second CVS, but can't decide what to drop. Going to experiment with ditching the All-Seeing-I for it.

Thanks again for an awesome deck.

9 May 2016 TheBigBoy

@VoodooflyYour changes are entirely reasonable. I think that I'd cut ASI before restructure though.

Your second point is dead on. Well played! Glad you like the deck :)

14 May 2016 jgoahl

What is is about Criminals that made you suggest in the comments above that taking out an Eli and something else for an Ash and Resistor would be a good call. Do Crims typically have a harder time with Eli than other runners?

14 May 2016 TheBigBoy

Yes, Eli is the best ICE in the game against Criminal. Shapers have Lady/Chameleon (boosted) and Anarchs blow it up with Knifed. Crims have to pay 4 every time which sucks.

15 May 2016 jgoahl

How do you feel about Councilman and Political Operative? Do they tend to wreck the strong server or are they not being played as much as people thought they would be?

15 May 2016 TheBigBoy

They are mildly annoying, but WAY less good against us than against Caprice decks.

17 May 2016 jgoahl

I played this yesterday against one of the better players in our area that was running a good Leela deck (resource economy, indexing, logos were some notable includes) and found it a pretty tough matchup. Is that to be expected or do I just not know how to play against Leela? :P If the latter, any advice?

27 May 2016 helloledbetter

@TheBigBoy so I had such fun testing this deck out I decided I should just take it to my first ever regionals since my Corp game could use work, and this deck, as you've said, is a great (and fun!) way to work on fundamentals. Any new thoughts on this now that it's been out there a while? I've made minor changes at the advice of others here but curious if there are any other adjustments you've made. Thanks!

27 May 2016 lolpaca

Been playing this for over a month now, and I'm really impressed at what a solid and meta-resistant deck it is - as @TheBigBoy says in the write-up, it forces the runner to play your way, which is a refreshing change from hoping you can silver-bullet all the crap they do before they steal enough points. Will be taking it to another store champs this weekend.

27 May 2016 TheBigBoy

@helloledbetter-1 Eli -1 ASI + 1 popup +1 Ash is my current build.

27 May 2016 Voodoofly

I'm currently at -1 Eli -1 ASI -1 Interns -2 Restructure +2 Fast Track +1 CVS +1 Resistor +1 Ash. The Restructure/CVS/Resistor/Popup mix is still in flux, but I think I've settled on the 2 fast track as set in stone.

5 Jun 2016 haerik

I went 4-1 with this exact deck at the Chicago Regional yesterday. My only loss was to Spags, and that was one of the most interesting games of Netrunner I'd played recently. Unfortunately my 7-3 record wasn't enough to put me in the cut on SoS. I love playing the deck though!

20 Jun 2016 Voodoofly

I ended up posting my Fast Track build. Thanks again for the deck, I've been playing it for months and if anything it has only become more fun.

27 Jul 2017 esoterrace

Any rec's with the Astro nerf from the Errata from FAQ 3.1?