Resource: Connection - Virtual • Install: 2 • Influence: 2


Whenever you install a non-AI icebreaker, that icebreaker has +2 strength until the end of the turn.

He's nice enough, but not when there are 5,187 of him.
Shaper • Owen Sinodov • Uprising Booster Pack 3
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Cybertrooper Talut
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Ah, my good friend LLDS Processor, you look.... different.

I appreciate that you stapled your brother, a second LLDS Processor to yourself, and I see you've got a link now? Wild, I thought NISEI had all but killed link as a mechanic.

While I miss the delicious, juicy highs of Triple LLDS Processor, the +2 str for one card is huge in getting set up quickly, and a 5 str Chameleon is a 5 str Chameleon.

Extra credit: Right now, you can have 3 Rejig AND 3 Scavenge in your deck. That's a LOT of opportunity to farm this strength boost - think of the synergy with Gauss, Lady, and cards that aren't Fracters too!

(Uprising Booster Pack era)