A very strong and stable early game piece of ICE. For decks that want early game protection, for rushing agendas or building up a credit advantage off of Adonis Campaign or Melange Mining Corp., this card can do a lot of work. As a Code Gate it is not something most runners will be seeking to break early (Unlike Sentries which carry harmful effects) and the first subroutine is a great time waster for runners - while they won’t hit that subroutine more than once and let it fire, that single click wasted can be the difference between scoring an agenda, and them finding their breaker and having the time to use it to get through.

(Written during the meta of Breaker Bay, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit wyldside.blogspot.com)

I appreciate the comments you have on all these cards but can we cool it with the constant footer that's just a link to your blog? It's tacky. —
I would call this card neither 'very strong' nor stable. —
It's usually going to be good for 1 early game stop, maybe taking a valuable early game click, and 1-2 credits tax. About as good as you can hope for from a neutral three. Especially good against criminals who drop a Faerie or something and face check, intending to use Special Order and get back in on click 4 if they fail to get in. As for strength, it gets a lot of play compared to "strong" cards like Janus and Wotan. —

See Sure Gamble for similar review ;) This card is pretty much identical, and there is a great Pro/Con review under Sure Gamble. It is a staple economy card, and all economy Operations should be compared to it - 5 credits investment to make 4 credits profit.

Sweeps Week usually provides the same bonus, for only 1 investment but only certain times it can be used.

Successful Demonstration gives a 5 credit profit, for a 2 investment but the requirement that you stopped a run, which usually means either a) you're Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and they just jacked out of a central to run a remote, or you rezzed an ETR they couldn't break, which makes it a bit more difficult to fire.

Celebrity Gift is two clicks but gives a seven credit boost, (So six credit gain if you count that click as 1 credit) at the cost of revealing your secrets.

Beanstalk Royalties is 0 investment, but only 3 credits (but can help you get up to range for a Hedge Fund

Restructure is a whopping 10 credit investment, but does give you 5 in profit

You can see, all of the burst econ Operations give you 3-5 credits for a single click (the double of Celebrity gives you that 6th :P) but if you want more credits you either need a higher investment, or a situational trigger

Best econ card is Paywall Implementation in certain decks. Cost 0 and can net up to 10+ creds or discourage the runner from trashing your assets which is even better. —

Early on when there weren’t a lot of choices for agendas this was seen, sometimes. Even then it wasn’t regarded as a great card - four for twos are usually just as difficult to score as a five for three, and don’t provide as much of a jump in points. They also clog up RD and add more cards that can be stolen by a runner to the deck.

PSF at least has a really great ability. PSF Lock it was called, where the runner gets tagged and the corp just spends three clicks a turn doing three meat damage. Not only would the runner have to clear the tag but also draw back up as quickly as possible - throwing tempo very quickly in the corps favor.

Tagstorm may see this agenda return, but compared to the other four for two neutral agenda, NAPD Contract it is a bit lackluster - that four credit cost to steal is a much more guaranteed tempo hit for the runner than maybe getting a PSF Lock - PSF is a bit lackluster, even though if scored it can be a real big threat to any runner who sees a tag.

(Written during the meta of Breaker Bay, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit wyldside.blogspot.com)

I think it could be great in Argus. With Weyland just oozing bad pub, sometimes NAPD can be more of a liability than a benefit. PSF can fit nicely in that slot if it's played correctly. being able to SeaSource+Scorch and then click for a total of 5 meat damage in one turn is pretty sweet. —
Works out of Tagstorm decks just fine. If I'm going for that game, I'm perfectly happy to melt away a plascrete with it. With the right setup it can almost be worth burning an Astro token to enable scoring it. Paper Tripping makes it worthless, but it's not seen often enough. —
Now that NAPD has been put on the NAPD most wanted list (...oh god I just realized how dumb that is), there might be more openings for running this. —

Big ICE and low agenda density is what leads players to use this agenda. Five for Three’s are often used to keep the chance of accessing them out of RD lower, and out of many of the five for three’s, Priority Req at least has a chance of being worth some hefty discounts. Rezzing a Hadrian's Wall or Wotan for free is very nice! It is also one of the few ways to rez ICE outside of a run, which can be useful - though trying to score this to prevent a Blackmail run is a very tricky proposition.

It sees play in decks that have big(er) ICE, that want to build big tower servers. There are still so few agendas in the game that often when trying to find a suite of agendas that works well together, sometimes Priority Req just is the only five for three worth it. It is a drag however when all there is to rez with it is a Pop-up Window.

(Written during the meta of Breaker Bay, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit wyldside.blogspot.com)

Worthwhile to note this can be used to rez Archer to ignore the extra cost of forfeiting an agenda. Can be a bit tricky to pull off, but a spectacular payoff if you can —
Nice to see a Core deck combo like this. Hadrian's Wall a good alternative to increase likelihood. Archer is intimidating to see rezzed out of turn. Wrote off a server for my build. —
You can also use Bifrost Array to re-fire Priority Requisition in HB Glacier decks. —

One of the earliest ways that money was generated for the runner, Armitage has fallen a bit out of use. With the likes of Daily Casts providing a similar amount for no spent click, and other economic options flowing into the game, it is just another option. However, consider the fact that it can generate credits much to the same ratio as Magnum Opus, without the hefty install cost or the MU. (For a limited time of course)

Armitage can allow an almost broke runner to be back in range for Sure Gamble the next turn, or enough to break into a lightly defended server. While it doesn’t stick around like Magnum, its well known that the ability to ‘Take eight’ that Magnum provides can be vicious. That is a solid amount of burst, even at the cost of a full turn, and Armitage can provide that without the drawbacks that Magnum can, if for a much shorter burst. If the runner is taged and can't shake them, playing armitage and clicking it 3 times, while vastly uneffecient in terms of a full turn, can still net five credits, which might be just what is needed to shake the tags next turn or make one more glory run. It deserves to be looked at again for economy options where the runner doesn’t want to put a lot of event economy into their deck, or would like something a bit more flexible but not as difficult to install as Magnum

(Written during the meta of Breaker Bay, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit wyldside.blogspot.com)

People consistently give Armitage a bad rap, simply due to more modern options. The thing is - this is one of those cards I always consider for a runner deck, when running Opus. The difference is in card slots, of course - but in a deck where Opus would be good econ, Armitage may be better. How often do you use Opus? Did losing the four creds difference in price mess up your setup? Is 2MU a significant cost? Consider that three Armitage are never dead draws in a deck (like three Opus), and that tutoring an opus requires card slots, and this card still has a great deal of life in it, for the right decks. —
Remember too that MOpus only breaks even with this after EIGHT clicks, and beats it after nine. This is because it costs 4 more creds. Plus depending on how much MU is worth to you...yeah, if you're not in it for the long haul Armitage is generally going to be superior. —
I forgot I ever used this card. It's so unnotable. —