Law of Fours

MrHuds0n 1182


Forget the Law of Fives, the Law of Fours is in effect now.

I feel like this deck shows very well what Jinteki: Personal Evolution is about. Sure, you can kill the Runner with Shock!, Snare! or some overly elaborate combos with grinding them down with Cerebral Overwriters and Chairman Hiro. That is, partially, in this deck too. But what a satisfaction it is when you have 5 assets on the board, each with four advancement tokens and the runner facechecks a Junebug.

The general tactic of this deck is that EVERYTHING IS A RONIN. Everything. Your Ronins are Ronins. Your Junebugs are Ronins. Your Overwriters are Ronins. Hell, sometimes even The Man Himself decides to put on a straw hat and becomes a Ronin.

Piloting the Law of Fours is incredibly easy. Spam assets, advance them up to four and leave them on the board. Do the same with agendas. The runner will either let you play solitaire and focus on your centrals (in which case he's gonna run into Cortex Locks, Himitsu-Bakos, a Komainu from time to time) or check the remotes. If he checks, make sure that there are several nasty traps there. If he doesn't, just kill him with Ronins, Chairman Hiro and Neural EMPs.

Onto the card choices. An absolutely essential pick in here is Mushin No Shin. It allows you to get one card up to that golden four in just one turn. You also need recursion for your Mushins - here our folks from Haas-Bioroid gave us a few Reclamation Orders. Use those only if you have two or more Mushins in the Archives.

We also need econ, because if we have no money then the runner can shamelessly check our advanced remotes. Showing our hand to the opponent is not that big of a deal, so I included Celebrity Gifts. You can replace them with Medical Research Fundraisers. Also staple Hedge Fund.

As for traps, we're running mostly absolute staples here. Snare!, Cerebral Overwriter, Project Junebug and Psychic Field are all very nasty to run into. Fetal AI, too, because we're never going to score that probably. Shattered Remains to trash those annoying Feedback Filters (although it's very possible to win the game even with one of these installed). Net Shield is not that much of a concern because if the runner eats 8 damage from a Junebug, he dies anyway.

The agenda composition is such mostly to reduce density. You can try replacing Profiteering with Gila Hands Arcology if you find it better, though the 3/1s and the Philotic is here mostly for that final point of net damage you need to flatline. Fetal AI because black tree, The Future Perfect because agenda density.

As for ICE, I'm running mostly lightweight stuff to protect the centrals and tax nerds that run Faust (banpls) however this is the part of the deck that's most subject to change as it is pretty much the same as in the original Bag of Tricks.

And that's pretty much it. This deck is still very much a work in progress and all suggestions are welcome.

Addition 1: After five games, the deck is currently on 4-1. The only loss was to a lucky Express deck that managed to win two psi games in one turn against to Future Perfects and stole Profiteering next turn. Happens, oh well.

First win was against a Noise deck that seemingly focused on deep digging. Excalibur over the R&D did most of the work, then he ran into a Snare and got wrecked with a Ronin a turn later.

Second one was against an annoying Leela deck. She bounced my advanced Junebugs and Ronins back to hand and got to 5:0 really quickly. The Mushins weren't coming so I just started advancing a Ronin and then a Junebug. She faceplanted into a four-advanced Junebug and got flatlined.

Third time a Noise faceplanted into a four-advanced Cerebral Overwriter on the first turn, then conceded.

Fourth win was against a Geist deck that played Solitaire for the first few turns. I Mushined out a Cerebral Overwriter, then normally advanced a Ronin and a Junebug. He faceplanted into a three-advanced Junebug and died to Ronin+Neural EMP next turn.

15 Mar 2016 drhems

This deck looks like a nightmare to run against. What do you think about PAD Factory? I know it would cost influence but it would let you advance those Snares! and Psychic Fields to the Golden 4. It would also keep you from having to spend precious credits on advancing things. Leaving them for triggering traps. And if you do it for everything no one would know what you're advancing.

Also I know Bad Pub isn't great but Clone Retirement could replace Profiteering and be good for a kill if they make a mistake and are unable to draw up.

Just my thoughts. If I had friends that would play against Jinteki decks I would certainly build this and give it a try.

15 Mar 2016 jospanther

As another PE player, I really like how you put this together. I might lift some ideas/strategies from this when looking at my own deck. Thanks for sharing!

15 Mar 2016 Chuftbot

Finally someone else understands that Mushin is a triple.

15 Mar 2016 MrHuds0n

@drhems I don't think the PAD Factory is that much of a profit. Celebrity Gifts net you 7 almost every time, Hedge Funds give you 4. That's quite a bit of burst economy for this deck, especially that if you look at the cost of advancing everything then it's really not that bad. Advancing something with Mushin costs you only 1, Reclamation Orders are for 1. Most of the ICE is very cheap, around 1 or 2 (with the exception of a single Komainu). And you don't need that much money to trigger the traps, especially that in most cases it's going to be over with just one trigger of the Junebug. And Ronins are free.

15 Mar 2016 jospanther

Oh, have you thought of Medical Research Fundraiser vs. Celebrity Gift? I have found typically a player prefers one to the other, so I imagine you have...but just curious.

15 Mar 2016 MrHuds0n

@jospanther I did. As far as I'm concerned it's personal preference. I like the Gifts more because the information revealed to the runner is rarely substantial. Most of the time you're going to show them a trap, a Ronin and a Mushin. And I don't like giving the runner credits. Also the art is cute :)

16 Mar 2016 jospanther

@Protégé I totally agree. I keep flip flopping. It normally doesn't show too much info, but at the same time I don't like losing the extra click. Though I do hate funding the Runner, I also don't really mind at the same time.

You are totally right about the art, however :).

16 Mar 2016 thunderfist

Could you explain the role of Excalibur in this deck?

16 Mar 2016 MrHuds0n

@thunderfist Tech against Medium or Nerve Agent. Also relatively useful to protect centrals.

17 Mar 2016 MrHuds0n

I added summaries of the recent five games.