Shannon Claire

♦ Shannon Claire 0[credit]

Asset: Character
Trash: 3
Influence: 2

[click]: Draw 1 card from the bottom of R&D.

[trash]: Search R&D or Archives for an agenda and reveal it. Shuffle the rest of R&D if you searched it. Add the agenda to the bottom of R&D.

No one can bury a story better.
Illustrated by Rebecca Sorge
Decklists with this card

Data and Destiny (dad)

#10 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Reasons to like Shannon Claire:

  1. Shannon's great for making sure no-one ever sees that Government Takeover or Vanity Project, allowing for decks to have lower effective agenda densities (card italics are becoming increasingly instructional).

  2. Shannon saves you from flood by letting you hide a single agenda in Archives and then slip it into R&D before it's scored, much like Jackson Howard.

  3. Unlike Jackson, she'll survive datapack rotation.

  4. By recurring Shannon, or installing another copy, she'll let you fetch that agenda in a timely manner.

  5. Great rez to trash ratio.

  6. Relatively low influence cost.

(Data and Destiny era)
I'd also add that she combos with Daily Business Show if you actually want both cards you draw. Overall, she looks like a less powerful Jackson Howard, but with the addition of a much safer Agenda stashing ability. —
There is also the possibility of completely negating an R&D-lock by consistently drawing from the bottom! —
@Capstone Oh my god! You're right! —
@bubbathegoat That's neat, I wonder if there'll be any other "add card to the bottom of R&D" abilities that'll synergise with this. —
Reason #7. She's a foxy lady (also unlike Jackson) —
If Shannon ever becomes a big deal, perhaps after being rotated out, then Showing Off might become a one of in Anarch decks. —
@Capstone The corp can't use this card to negate R&D lock without something to stop the mandatory draw at the start of the corp's turn. —
@bubbathegoat I understood RnD lock to be when the runner sees every card you would draw before you, thus knowing exactly what you will have in hand. This DOES negate that, because you are drawing from the bottom, thus pulling cards in hand that the runner doesn't know anything about. —
@Sabin76 but the runner would still at lest know your mandatory draw unless you used her trash ability to shuffle. —

So, here she will survive the rotation when Jackson Howard, in the end will leave us (praise Jackson Howard). It seems that it's worse than Jackson since her ability is not that useful as draw twice. And she can only bury one agenda.

Also it's worth mention that you can also look for the agenda to bury (in case of Government Takeover or Vanity Project) but I haven't played yet in that case.

But you don't have to remove her from the game, you just have to trash her. So you can recycle her. Something that our Holy Jackson Howard can't do. And who can install stuff easily from the archives? Of course. Cricks. And the Interns, but Interns have better uses.

And also, as other commented the place where you're buring the agendas is the best place where you can bury them. Even if there is a shuffle or R&D, until that happen, it's almost impossible to go for them. (Exceptions, Showing Off which is never played or Maya, which can bury more stuff but needs already tons of accesses, but it's worth mention)

So even if she needs more influence, she may be useful in decks that are already recycling stuff from the archives. She's still weak against Rumor Mill but nobody's perfect.

(Escalation era)
I HOPE she's not meant to fill in for Jackson Howard, because the JH replacement should be neutral this time damnit. —
Preemptive Action comes out in the next data-pack, a neutral operation. —
I'd say Shannon feels a lot more balanced than ol' Jackoff Coward. You can't ditch your agendas into Archives with complete impunity, but still got a narrow margin of error. —
There are several options to fill the Jackson Howard. None of them as powerful but in different factions and tastes. Preemptive Action is one of them. —

Unfortunately, nobody seems to use any characters except Spin Doctor and Rashida Jaheem (which are both in every corp deck).

But this is a fun card. Shannon Claire gives two fun abilities.

  1. If the runner has checked R&D with Stargate or any multiaccess, you can draw from the bottom of R&D to get a card that the runner does not know about. This is helpful to get out of Stargate lock. Also, if you use this card in a face to face game, there is the satisfaction of seeing the other player puzzled face when you draw from the bottom instead of the top, nothing mechanical, but enjoyable.
  2. Clicklessly save an agenda that you threw in the archive. Just like using Spin Doctor. This will (again) save you after Stargate takes out an important agenda from R&D.

The second ability has another benefit. At the late game, you sometime need just a bit of time to setup your win condition. When the runner need to steal just one more agenda, you can make sure that at least one of the winning agenda will be at the bottom of R&D. This will dilute the agenda density of R&D, thus helping you tremendously.

With a cost of 3 to trash, it will always hurt the runner economy. And with a cost of zero to rez, you never have to worry about it. As such, it can act like a 4th (and maybe 5th) Spin Doctor. I would compare this to Daily Business Show in value. Why is it not used more?

Beautiful art with an inspiring quote, all of which promoting the card ability and name. Astounding work!

(Parhelion era)

My main concern with this card is that to make use of the agenda searching option, you need to have 2 available, as trashing to search puts the agenda on the bottom, then you need another copy of her out to draw from the bottom of the deck. Unless of course you have a way to bring her back from the archives to re-install. Aside from cards which give benefits when things are installed (Turtlebacks/NEH etc) I feel that fast track is better.

Or am I missing something with this that I haven't realized?

(Data and Destiny era)
Unless the runner is running Showing Off, sitting on the very bottom of R&D is pretty much the safest place an agenda can be in - unless you're looking to shuffle in the future. So, there might be some value as a niche way to hide one agenda. —
Just hide this Goverment Takeover on the bottom and be done with it. —
She can also help you dig for stuff through an R&D-lock. Let's say you need options, but your opponent has R&D under lock and key. You're in a situation where you need to draw, but if you do, you let the runner access more cards. Here, Shannon can get you options while keeping R&D stagnant. —
If you were looking for agenda tutoring you'd just use Fast Track anyway. —

As of Blood and Water, you can do many fun things with Shannon Claire.

  1. Whampoa Reclamation a Government Takeover onto the bottom of R&D, then once you have 2 Biotic Labor and a Red Planet Couriers draw and FA it for the win

  2. She becomes a mini Jackson Howard once he rotates

  3. Literally broken in NBN: Controlling the Message. As long as you can protect her and a Whampoa, (which is pretty easy to do), you gain infinite Archived Memories. I've BOOM!ed a runner through a 7 counter Jarogniew Mercs by playing it, protecting the two assets for one turn, and then BOOM!ing again.

  4. 0 cost asset for 3 trash is pure value

  5. Buries agendas rather than shuffling them

tl;dr: Shannon Claire is a great card.

(Crimson Dust era)