Lily Lockwell

♦ Lily Lockwell 2[credit]

Asset: Character
Trash: 3
Influence: 4

When you rez Lily Lockwell, draw 3 cards.

[click], remove 1 tag: Search R&D for an operation, reveal it, and shuffle the rest of R&D. Add the operation to the top of R&D.

"Live from New Angeles, this is Lily Lockwell."
Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
Decklists with this card

Data and Destiny (dad)

#8 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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I love you Lily (sorry Kati)

(Data and Destiny era)

An interesting tutor effect from the new "tags-as-currency" design space (see also Keegan Lane), as part of a tagstorm deck Lily could allow you to spend a whole turn (tutor-draw-play) to find the most punishing tool from your arsenal (Bad Times/Big Brother/Closed Accounts/Freelancer/The All-Seeing I)

For a slower pace, she lets you search up your Psychographics or other key operations for a big move the next turn. Optional jank synergy is when you already have Accelerated Diagnostics in hand, you can guarantee top-decking 24/7 News Cycle to recharge your AstroScript without paying the additional cost.

At worst she's an Anonymous Tip for 2 credits with the option that you can postpone the draw, until the runner checks your remotes. With the added niché role in protecting R&D for a turn if you haven't been able to land more than 1 tag (outside of Eddie or Imp).

Bringing another new subtype: character, she's also immune to Unregistered S&W '35, I guess that's a benefit? I mean, unlike poor Ronald Five... maybe Friendship Upgraded is reality TV...

(Data and Destiny era)
"At worst she's an Anonymous Tip for 2 credits." Quite right, but can you play an Anonymous Tip mid run to raise your hand size to 8 when getting Legworked? —
Because her ability takes a click to use, I can't see her being very helpful outside Midseason decks. If it was an ability you could use mid run, you could deny the runner a fruitful access on RD, set up a hedge fund for next turn, or even a midseason if they are running at your remote agenda. As it stands, the runner has to be floating a tag on your turn. This can happen if the runner is playing a data leak or siphon heavy deck, but generally the runner is going to do their best to clear tags before their turn ends. So a solid midseason is probably the only reliable way to guareentee a tag on the runner and a tag left over for the scorhed earth you just tutored to be of any use. Drawing 3 cards mid run could be of use as Kronosdev mentioned to (hopefully) lower your hands agenda density mid run. It could be useful with IQ too. Not my favorite card though. —

I started running a midseason tagstorm deck that has the top priority to land as many tags on the runner as possible to then later scorch, psychobeale, or use information overload to destroy their rig. In this deck, she is amazing as I can pull up whatever operation I need at that moment.

Just draw Beale after a tagstorm and have a pile of credits? Tutor up a psychographics for the win. Playing Sol and not finding a current? Runner end their turn open to a kill? Scorch. Broke? Pull up sweeps week or hedge fund. Runner tagged and a bit too Rich? Closed accounts. The ability to draw the best operation to play at the moment is exceptionally powerful and I cannot overstate how good that effect is.

Also, drawing 3 cards on rez is a helpful, but most certainly ancillary benefit. Plan you deck to use the tutor ability and view the 3 cards as a bonus.

(Kala Ghoda era)
Lily is a fun card and, potentially, a very scary card. Her ability to tutor up tag punishment can seriously impact how a game is played, often forcing the Runner to either trash her quickly or forgoing tag me to play much more conservatively - either of which can be good for NBN. The problem is that she's actually quite slow and very hard to take advantage of unless the Runner lets you. —
Ignore me. Tried to post my own review and accidentally replied. I hit enter by mistake too so it's not even finished. Shouldn't have skipped the coffee. —

We need more characters in the game that are featured in the books. As I read the books, I enjoy looking up the character's names to see if there are cards related to them, and I was rather dismayed to find so few thus far.

(Crimson Dust era)
The card references in the books just yanked me out of immersion and felt like product placement. Not that the books I read were good to begin with... —
Which ones did you read? —

Sadly for this character, this asset is never used. Especially that now (in Q2 2023), we have Spin Doctor, that draws 2 cards AT NO COST and can even bring them back from archive. So, paying 2 to get 3 cards could be good, but the second benefit is near useless.

Most operation that you would want to win the game (BOOM! and End of the Line) need tags to work, and this REMOVE one tag. So, how good is this?

Let's state the obvious : most runner will not trash this asset. The benefit it gives for the cost is probably not worth paying 3 to trash it. Of course, if you are René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal, then it is a different story.

To use the second ability in a sure fire way to kill the runner (using one BOOM! or two End of the Line), it will need to be used after Hard-Hitting News. In that instance, taking away a tag will not do anything if the runner kept the 4 tags. But that is a difficult proposition.

But this is a nombo with single tag strategy. There is not much advantage to take away the single tag of the runner (sparing the running a and 2) to get an operation that does not need a tag to function.

Great graphic. Great character. Good quote. A job well done.

(Parhelion era)