♦ Duggar's 2[credit]

Resource: Location - Seedy
Influence: 4

[click],[click],[click],[click]: Draw 10 cards.

Carved directly out of the lunar rock, Duggar's is a popular spot among blue-collar loonies and slumming risties. A place where you could find what you're looking for-if you knew who to look for, and didn't get distracted by the energetic dancers.
Illustrated by Gong Studios
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First Contact (fc)

#54 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
First Contact

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If you're going heavy redundancy (2x or 3x) with unique cards or cards that don't make any sense to have multiple installed (extra copies of an ICEbreaker or whatever) then Duggar's is for you. If you draw 10 cards but 3 of them are copies of other cards you draw (or already have installed) then having to discard so many isn't much of a problem.

With that in mind, including ways to use cards from your heap is not only a good idea but also provides flexibility. Multiple copies of at least two of Same Old Thing, Déjà Vu, Retrieval Run, Clone Chip and Test Run belong in a deck with Duggar's.


  • Deepest dig in the game (and therefore, the best way to look for most Events, Resources and Hardware)
  • Lets you build the best hand possible from your next 10 cards for whatever the game state is
  • Drawbacks can be built around


  • Obviously, you most likely won't be keeping all 10 cards
  • Can't be used the turn you play it (without Joshua B. or Rachel Beckman)
  • Requires building around


(Up and Over era)
I'm sure there's some sort of synergy with Theo Bagbiter too, although they are both steep splashes at 4 influence. —