Character Assassination

Character Assassination 4/2

Agenda: Security

When you score Character Assassination, trash 1 resource (cannot be prevented).

"The thing about journalism is there's always a better story around the corner. Soon, they smelled blood elsewhere, and the world forgot about me. But I didn't forget." -The Professor
Illustrated by Mike Nesbitt
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#14 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
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Name & Shame!

Thematically Character Assassination fits really well with NBN! As a 4/2 agenda it's pretty average but with the growing presence of more powerful resources it's brighter days may yet be ahead.


24/7 News Cycle along with a cheap agenda like Breaking News or Veterans Program etc to trigger Character Assassination's ability to trash yet another clutch resource the runner is depending.

Advancement cards such as Trick of Light Shipment from Kaguya, Shipment from SanSan etc can aid while advancing cards like Character Assassination

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Trashing a particular resource like a fully stacked Kati Jones, Wireless Net Pavilion or Data Leak Reversal or perhaps even more devastatingly a fully loaded Personal Workshop. Likewise trashing a Tri-maf Contact at the right time could be a game-ender depending on how disciplined the runner is with keeping the grip stocked.

When Character Assassination fires, it's (cannot be prevented) provision negates Fall Guy's ability to protect a card.

With an advancement cost of 4, an installation of Character Assassination with one advancement token can be scored the next turn while possibly bluffing the runner to think it is an advance-able trap which often behave this same way. With a couple bad publicity the runner may even assume that it is an NAPD Contract and be lulled into false security leaving it alone and opening a scoring opportunity.

Character Assassination can cause chaos to a carefully setup Theophilius Bagbiter-based deck depending on how big it has grown the runner may end up with a pile of cash and no access to many of the cards needed for the end-game.


Other more powerful 4/2 agendas for NBN including NAPD Contract Market Research, Private Security Force etc vie for the same deck slot(s).


Basic question with the current meta, "How much is my opponent going to depend on a key resource?" Perhaps to change things up an NBN corp could swap out a 2 point agenda or two to put Character Assassination into play, it just seems at this time it's lacking combos to really bring out it's potential, still if the answer to the basic question is "Very likely", then perhaps Character Assassination is a worthwhile gamble.

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(Data and Destiny era)
I wish this card was still around. Good times! —
Still have Paper Trail fortunately. —