In my view this is the solid card that does not get played. It is also built in a way I wish that the in faction stealth cards would be build, super efficient with Stealth credits yet usable without.

In my mind there are a few things that stopped this from being examined. Firstly Criminals would not want to spend the influence involved as it really needs either a Cloak or Dyson Fractal Generator

Next you have Shapers who received Cerberus "Lady" H1 which unless you were going extremely heavy stealth gave you no reason to spend influence on this.

Finally you have Anarchs who then received Eater, Faust, DDoS and more ice destruction. Why spend multiple cards getting in easy when you have a broad tool that work with your other tools. These tools have even pushed out Corroder from being used in faction which many consider the best non AI Icebreaker.

Maybe with the MWL hitting Lady we may see Stealth Shapers consider this as even without stealth credits this is just as efficient as Corroder on Ice atrength 4 and bellow.

The problem I see with it, that you gain to corroder only on ice with multiple subs and even loose to 4 strength barriers when pumping. As of now I rarely see those being played besides Eli (breaks even), Curtain Wall (1cr gained for 2 stealth-cr) and Spiderweb(2cr gain). —
I think the issue is that Stealth Credits are a hot commodity —
Any deck can throw in some cloaks and a handful of Lockpicks/DFG/Silencers and call one ice type handled. With a lot of work, Ghost Runner, some more memory for more Cloaks etc you can get enough to handle 2 ice types. efficiently. Once you try to put together the credit support for a full stealth suite, you barely have room left for the breakers. And while Refractor is super awesome and Kits BFF, and Daggar/Switchblade crazy powerful, BlacKat is just a solid, flexible breaker. But so is Corroder. The Fracter is the easiest place to preserve those stealth credits. To top it off, Shaper has the best tools for supporting Stealth, and the lions share of the stealth cards, followed by Criminal. the Anarch breaker is the most likely to cost influence, and the influence is not small. Of course, now we have Mirror, and Smoke very soon, plus whatever else for Stealth support. Maybe we will be able to support a whole stealth rig, and it will be worth the influence. However, now, instead of competing with a non-stealth option in the weaker, cheaper Corroder, its competeing with the equally strong, recurrable, only less efficient against low strength, many subroutined barrier, Paperclip. Blackat may not get a time in the sun. —

I have always looked down on Box-E as one of the lesser consoles but recently have had a change of heart. I have often looked at some Criminal control decks that used a fair bit of MU on non Ice breakers and each time I had the problem of: "Criminal has little ways to boost MU, do I really want to spend influence to increase my MU"

Now it has dawned on me just how valuable this console is in Criminal. In a faction where you do not have any tools to give you a solid boost in MU that extra 2 is a big deal. Saving both on influence and cards that you need to draw. While Desperado is often the go to breaker in Ken and Fisk decks I can certainly see this used when you are using cards like Sneakdoor Beta, Imp, Nerve Agent, Lamprey and maybe even at a stretch Pheromones.

I think its a worthy splash for anyone who wants MU and hand size in one package without using native tools. Shapers would at mininum need a CyberSolutions Mem Chip and Sympathy (6$, 2 clicks) or 2x Borrowed Satellite (6$, 2 clicks), whereas Anarchs would need Grimoire (which really should be used in virus decks for best effect) and Sympathy (or Origami, lol) which is 5$ and 2 clicks. Shapers also get Trade-In and Modded. Yay, stuff! Also, Adam has a superior console, and the other minis get their own great consoles. —
Why did I even put Borrowed Sat? —
The boost to hand size provides excellent passive protection against Sorch et al, as well! Not too shabby. —

On it's own to just rez fling Bioroids at runners I do not believe that it is that good. However when you consider that there are Director Haas' Pet Project, Archived Memories, Reclamation Order and Team Sponsorship all within faction I believe that this can do some work. I can forsee this to give you an early boost to help get you through the early game and open you up for a solid late game (who wants to face several Ichi 2.0 late game?).


I actually like the card, it is very Shaper in nature (boosting your own tools). It will be interesting to see how this fairs with cards like Chameleon, the trash breakers and London Library.

Also most likely rather useful for some Scavenge shenanigans paired with the harder to pump or restricted Icebreakers.

"It will be interesting to see how this fares" sounds more like theorycrafting and less about this being a review. —