Mo Money No Problems

kevintame 421

Here is my current Rebirth Andy build. It makes a ton of money and is a blast to play. I'm sure you already know but Temüjin Contract is amazing.

Start of Game


  • By this point you should have most of your rig set up.
  • Be careful to not waste your Faeries or loose ZU.13 Key Master you have no recursion in this deck so losing a key breaker can really hurt. I love Paperclip and use to run Corroder but I think this is worth the extra influence. I use to stress all the time about ZU.13 Key Master and Corroder being hit by damage but now I only need to worry about ZU.13 Key Master. So as soon as ZU.13 Key Master hits your hand install it! You do not want to loose it.

Late Game

  • The late game can be tough is you have no more econ cards.
  • Rumor Mill is bonkers. I have tricked several people by playing it then running archives to snatch up a few agendas they left there because they couldn't pop Jackson. Another combo I frequently use is play Rumor Mill then Indexing. This keeps the corp from being able to mess up your indexing if Jackson isn't on the board. At first I thought the 2 influence for a current was a bit much but it really is good and shuts down so much stuff. My best turn so far with it was click 1 Rumor Mill, click 2 run archives and steal agendas, click 3 indexing, click 4 steal another agenda.
  • "Freedom Through Equality" is also very handy since a lot of corps run GFI and require you to steal 4 or more agendas in order to win. Indexing then playing this is a good combo if you do not suspect Jackson on the board.

Other Thoughts

  • e3 Feedback Implants is in here to help with HB Foodcoats type decks. This is one of the harder match ups and the click a Bioroid and pay a credit is a good deal.
  • Staying rich helps against several corps. Hard Hitting News isn't really a problem if you have a lot of money. Networking is in for an efficient removal of tags.
  • Breaking News is a pain as it can kill your Assest with The All-Seeing Eye and kill all of your credits with Closed Accounts. Honestly, I think I hate the Breaking News Closed Accounts combo more. It really sucks.
  • Use Film Critic to hold a Global Food Initiative. This makes it hard for them to use exchange of information on you. Plus it's a nice to have for The Future Perfect and other unfriendly ice.

I haven't been a real Criminal runner in the past and this deck has really made it a fun experience for me.

Have fun and let me know if you have any suggestions, Kevin

31 Aug 2016 internet_potato

mental note: kevin is playing rumor mill.

I've been putting 1x or 2x New Angeles City Hall in all of my recent runner decks and it does so much work. I think it's much better than Networking if you are generally rich since it saves you clicks. Plus, it shuts off Breaking News + Closed Accounts/Exchange of Information and makes mincemeat out of Gutenberg, Data Raven and Turnpike.

31 Aug 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I'd recommend Sports Hopper over Plascrete Carapace. The extra makes ZU.13 Key Master cost no , and helps mitigate traces even more, while providing burst damage protection and/or draw if you don't need it.

31 Aug 2016 kevintame

@internet_potato Good idea call about New Angeles City Hall @FarCryFromHuman I do like driving fancy cars and will give Sports Hopper a try.