Tennin RePolished - Swiss Regionals 2015 - Sixth Place

Hongkong Koma 259

Since Store Championship Season I was in love with @Selverin's Tennin Deck from Worlds. It won me second place in our tiny Store Championship, and I got the feeling for this baby.

So being unsure what to take to Swiss Regionals, I decided to use what I was comfortable with, which I had improved several times with new data packs.

The result was phenomenal. I only lost due to agenda flood and some stupid misplay against Clot.

Hard ETR ICE keeps the runner out. He needs to, because if he manages to make a successful run, your whole game plan falls apart. Several Icewalls in a row even taxes Lady Counters.

Medical Breakthrough is the agenda to got. I often install it in a small remote. If the runner steals it, I can fast advance the others much better. If not, I put a counter on it and score it after a triple advance by myself. Win-win, I'd say. Clone Retirement is great against some nasty Valencia Decks, to shrug off the BP from rezzing Grim or - most of the times - to score the final seventh point to finish a game.

25 Jun 2015 RedV

Same plan of attack, different way of executing it. Go Tennin Go! Pity didnt to play against your version or maybe better for me that I didnt, :) .

(The deck name is AMAZING btw!)

25 Jun 2015 Friff14

How do you deal with clot? Do you just count on Cyberdex?

25 Jun 2015 ANRguybrush

@Friff14 Going glacier is still an option.

Awesome deck, but lacks biotic labor. I tried to play it without and it can be hard to score sometimes, especially when every scorable agenda is getting stolen while breakthroughs aren't.

26 Jun 2015 Hongkong Koma

@Friff14 Exactly. Cyberdex Virus Suite is a card that I usually re-install with Crick or shuffle back into R&D with Jackson - beside some econ or ToLs - when I assume Clot is played. Alternatively, I try to establish a scoring remote and do it the old-fashioned way, as @mcpba said.

Biotic Labor would be nice, but I really don't see the influence. In this case I'd cut the Tyrant and Wormhole, because both have their weaknesses (Tyrant without counters does nothing, Wormhole without any other ICE out is a lazy ass).