This card plays well with Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center decks designed to go wide creating lots of servers and tax the runner if they want to trash lots of sacrificial remotes. It can easily net 4 or more in such a deck.

Here's a good example of such a deck from: a year or so ago (it should probably be updated with some new cards from SanSan cycle and later like Oaktown Grid).

Also see Pikeman great review of the strengths and weaknesses of this card relative to its peers below.

Just like its cost & name, I have zero motivation to play this card because it doesn't do enough to affect the board. :-)

It does work nicely with Oracle May, but why not construct an deck primarily of one card type if you're using her instead of wasting a card to look at your next card?

As @Valrus points out in the comment below, it also works well with Eureka!

Eureka! is also a card it would work well with. —
For those familiar with MtG, this is like half a scry without the choice (not worth a card in MtG either unless you can really abuse it). —
One other card it works well with is MaxX - if you choose to trigger this after her mandatory trash-trash-draw, then you can see whether the next card is one you want to spend a click drawing, or leave to be the first sacrifice in next turn's trash-trash-draw. —
Ive always thought about the Oracle May/Motivation combo, but it can only be used once a turn. Why not just professional contacts? —

Seems like it could be a niche role-player in a runner deck that want to run a lot for s using things like Desperado or bad publicity credits from Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe (though your bad-pub credits don't stick around; you can hopefully use them on a run and trash ice here).

You'll need to be forcing the corp to put cards in archives here though by encouraging over-draws or milling though so there will be times when this is a dead card due to lack of a pair of ice to work on (one in archives and one rezzed). For that reason I think, while this could be strong against decks with lots of (ideally expensive) ice, it has limited broad utility as it likely a dead card against low-ice decks.

(Written June 2, 2015 soon after release of this data pack.)

It won me a few games in Regionals, which helped me get into the top 8. I only run a singleton, but it is a nasty surprise and icing on the cake for keyhole/wanton. —
This card is actually more devastating against low ice decks. Generally those decks run 3 copies of each of their ICE, and being a Noise player who runs a lot, this card is amazing when they only have 10 or so ICE in their deck. —
An ice on archives is not that common. That's why this card is amazing with Keyhole !!! —
Keyhole, yes, also The Twins —

5 out of 5

3-of in just about every Runner deck, meaning you should have a good reason you aren't running it, makes this one of the best cards out there. Provides one of the best and most reliable economic bursts which makes it essential for getting though expensive Ice.