Motivation 0[credit]

Influence: 1

When your turn begins, you may look at the top card of your stack.

Normal people-sane people-do not embark on a life of cybercrime. Who can say what motivates the deranged mind? An imagined slight, personal failings blamed on external forces, or the ever-popular lust for money? -Michael Muhama, Musings on Cybercrime
Illustrated by JuanManuel Tumburus
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#8 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
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Just like its cost & name, I have zero motivation to play this card because it doesn't do enough to affect the board. :-)

It does work nicely with Oracle May, but why not construct an deck primarily of one card type if you're using her instead of wasting a card to look at your next card?

As @Valrus points out in the comment below, it also works well with Eureka!

(Old Hollywood era)
Eureka! is also a card it would work well with. —
For those familiar with MtG, this is like half a scry without the choice (not worth a card in MtG either unless you can really abuse it). —
One other card it works well with is MaxX - if you choose to trigger this after her mandatory trash-trash-draw, then you can see whether the next card is one you want to spend a click drawing, or leave to be the first sacrifice in next turn's trash-trash-draw. —
Ive always thought about the Oracle May/Motivation combo, but it can only be used once a turn. Why not just professional contacts? —