I'm kind of surprised that noone's mentioned this in use with Sunny! (The first comment mentions no runners starting with 2 , too. . . look no further!)

I've been running 3 of these and 3 Underworld Contact in a Sunny deck and it's honestly ridiculous. Best case scenario, you get these set up early game, and you're making 3-6 credits every turn, clickless, thanks to Sunny's breakers never taking up MU space. With Security Nexus, you've got 3 MU outside your breakers to work with for stuff like Datasucker.

Add Sure Gamble and Daily Casts and you've got yourself one hell of an economy.

Just watch out for The All-Seeing I.

Sunny has no actual predispositions to run this card, as it requires free MU, not link. —
Implied —
Sunny's breaker suite don't take up MU if you have more thank 2 link. —
Implied statement not made by original poster: Sunny using Security Nexus and her breakers has 3 MU to spend before this turns off. More if you use Dyson Mem Chips for more link... —
Thanks, Goldstep! Edited the original post to include that. —
Goodie. That's the obvious part I've been somehow completely missing. Thanks for pointing that out! —