Breaks DNA Tracker for 6 credits. Which is about as good as you'll get outside of a properly placed Atman, a pumped-up Study Guide or a Yog.0 with Datasucker and Net-Ready Eyes support.

Who said Criminals had bad decoders? :^P

I mean it's worth pointing out that that matches GS Striker M1, but that's 2 less to install and potentially memless. —
Torch does it for 5. :P —
Credit-wise, "Rex" is better. Poor, poor Leviathan. —

Turn those useless cards in your grip into two Datasucker counters! Help your Parasites do their job faster! Bring that Assassin down to Mimic range, or turn that Tollbooth into a sightly more expensive Pop-up Window for your Yog.0! Embrace your inner Apex and Prey on weak ice!

Doesn't Null kill Tollbooth before its trigger happens? So the runner is no longer encountering the ice and so not lose the 3 credits. —
Sisn't read your comment to the end for some reason and didn't notice you were talking about Yog.0 —

You know what's really scary? Facechecking a Komainu without a sentry breaker. Or an Archer. Or an Architect. Or an Ichi 1.0. Or, god forbid, a Janus 1.0.

Point is, sentries kill people (or, at the very least, severely maim them). Being able to facecheck early with relative impunity is incredible for an aggressive runner, and Nero Severn: Information Broker lets you do just that.

... Just watch out for those Merlins.

Better yet, watch out for Wormhole. After all, you're getting the corp to rez all of their sentries. —

This is a decent way to increase MU for Apex: Invasive Predator, since its main breaker, Endless Hunger takes up 4 memory slots and its console, Heartbeat only grants +1 MU. It has no influence cost, which is appreciated when deck building for the three mini-runners, as the 25 influence, while seemingly huge, does not allow for much wiggle room. No install cost helps a lot, too, since Apex tends to run low on credit. With one or two of these, Apex is capable of running a traditional breaker suite alongside its trademark breaker (or a Gingerbread and a few Panchatantra).

Except Apex wants to trash his Harnbingers early and often... —

The new Kala Ghoda program Panchatantra combined with the current dominance of NBN might make this ICE breaker worhtwhile using. Both are only two influence so it's totally out of the question for anarchs, but shapers and criminals might be able to put it to good use. Maybe even Apex can begin using Gingerbread as a primary breaker.

Panchabread for life.

I was so coming to make that same joke. ROBBED, ROBBED I SAY. *Shakes fist* —
Petition to refer to this combo as "Panera" —
Panera has a good ring to it. Someone make a decklist called Broccoli Cheese Bread Bowl and I'll give you internet points! —