Corp side review. Why corp side review? Because that tells a hell lot more.

Use it to Face Check. Just use it.

When runner uses this card like Normal-Boring Dirty Laundry, I'm calm, indifferent. They just get what they supposed to get.

But what if they use it on turn 1? Annoying, annoying as hell. This card will teach you why Face-Checking is good play.

Maybe I should put more Cortex Lock in my Jintekis.


Malia is a strong card. There are many possible scenarios that Malia works fantastically, but let's talk about economy resources. Especially Liberated Account and Daily Casts.

Runners who want money use these cards. So all runners use these cards.

But why not Armitage Codebusting? Six-time Magnum Opus, with 4 less credits. And it's neutral! Every runner can Armitage, and must Armitage!

The thing is, the rule of this game already gave you somewhat useful-and infinite-economy: click for credits.

1 credit/click. You can always do this. Every other economy cards should be MUCH better than this ratio.

Dumb calculation. You can net 11 credits from Armitage. (12 minus 1) Sounds cool. What did it cost? Everything...... 1 click to draw, 1 click to install, 6 clicks to get all credits on Armitage. Result: 8 clicks for 11 credits. 1.375 credit/click. (Why am I calling it 'Dumb' calculation? Because some smart people always argue that 'draw' should be less than 1 click... but I don't care because I'm dumb.)

So why not armitage? 1.375 credit/click sucks. And spending eight freakin clicks for 1.375 credit/click really sucks.

So why Liberated? It's 10/6, 1.67 credit/click, and pays you back quite fast. So why Daily Cast? It's 5/2, 2.5 credit/click. You must wait for it, but ratio is just fantastic.

...and now Malia kicks in....

Case one. Runner doesn't care about their kidnapped economy. Well nice, You just spent 6(3) credit and one click and one card for nothing but my kidnap-bioroid. Yum Yum.

Case two. Runner tries to get back their economy paying some ransom. Another dumb math time. Liberated? (10-3)/(6+1), 1 credit/click. Dailiy Cast? (5-3)/(2+1), 0.67 credit/click.

Wow, it becomes more ridiculous with some ice and upgrades. Sometimes runner should forget about their past,-and be hard at work, click for credits, otherwise they'll-have to click for removing tags.

Thus, I like Malia as an asset form of Economic Warfare. But it baits run, rather than requires run.

I love the phrase, "Kidnapped Economy." I also like your math, as I calculate my costs the same way. Just ignore those haters who don't count draw as cost! :P —
<p>If you are using the standard Click = Card = Credit, then Liberated Accounts is a terrible card too. It costs 12 resource units to get back sixteen. Ask anyone who draws Liberated Accounts with 0 in the bank what they think about its efficiency.</p> —

Yeah, another cheap ice with encounter ability. Nice. But this card can do way more than just taxing.

First. Runner must suffer click loss (etr is another click loss, right?) if you have enough money!

This is different from Enigma. you can't ignore this by running with your last click. Bioroids, Heinlein Grid, (and maybe Strongbox) likes this. AAnnnd, put this in your RP remote server. troll+caprice on remote is very fun combo.

Second, this card has unbreakable trace. (Yeah, TMI has it too, but... That's Too Miscellaneous Information for us.)

As SlayerCNV said, can be semi-siphon defense in HQ. And very good with NBN: Making News, ChiLo City Grid, and maybe Spinal Modem?!?! he.

But the problem is, runners with link make this card sad. And those who use Dyson+UWC will make it reallly sad...

Oh come on, none uses Dysons! :P Maybe Troll is not perfect but still want it used more... —

Not that attractive by itself. Very unstable. Very slow. And unique?!! Hmm.... It seems like we can't see this in play other than Anarch...

Though, I can imagine a very weird Iain deck archetype using this card.

Iain the Data Dealer!

The basic idea of this deck is to sell all the agendas that you stole to the Dealer!

By this way, you can keep pressure to the corp after big-remote-run. And gain 2 with Iain's ability...And...

You can use this card's ability to the limit. (Academically even 20+a creds! wow!)

If this card wasn't unique, I would even think about adding 3 data dealer to anarch and run it! For anarch, it's such a shame that this card isn't unique, but Iain won't care much since he'll just tutor this by Hostage.


Let's start with Cons

Above all, it's very hard to find a deck place for this card. If you want to put this in your deck, then you don't want to add any more expose cards like Infiltration or Satellite Uplink. And the problem is, that putting 2 or 3 copies of Lemuria seems like a overkill. You could just add 2 or 3 copies of Infiltration instead! So you'll end up adding 1 copy of this in your deck. And this means most of the time you can't find this when you need expose. What the... And I think I don't even have to mention about those successful HQ run condition, 1 credit+click to expose...

Ahh, such an abject card.... But let's find out some Pros.

-Corp can't bait you without huge HQ defend. Maybe the cheapest HQ pressure against some corps.

-Defend your cheap programs from being Power Shutdowned!...if necessary.

-Feedback Filter+Lemuria Codecracker will guarantee you 99% win rate against Jinteki: Personal Evolution. Nice. and both cards are at 1 influence.

-Gabe or Sillhoutte+Blackguard or Iain+Rachel Beckman can make this card work. Actually, Rachel really helps this card.

-Even without particular synergy with this card, the Super-Big rig deck should consider putting this card in their deck. Definitely, Aggressive Secretary hurts you quite seriously... And you don't want to hold cards like Infiltration in your hand while building up your big rig.