Luminal Transubstantiation

Luminal Transubstantiation 3/2

Agenda: Research

When you score this agenda, gain [click][click][click]. You cannot score agendas for the remainder of the turn.

Limit 1 per deck.

We are the light of tomorrow.
Illustrated by Zoe Cohen
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System Gateway (sg)

#36 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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The forward momentum created by this card is crazy. It gives you another turn of economy or installing things the runner has to deal with, like an agenda you're ready to Seamless Launch next turn and a Skunkworks to protect it and a Jeeves just for kicks.

There are two schools of luminal thought:

  1. Using Audacity to score Luminal on turn 1 is a valid line of play (the Andrej school)
  2. Using Audacity to score Luminal on turn 1 is the only valid line of play (the Superhero school)
(System Update 2021 era)

This should have been a 5/3

You will not take turn 1 Audacity away from us! :D

Any Haas-Bioroid corp player should use this agenda, period. It is that good. Score it, and get a full turn worth of . The gain cannot be understated. A full extra turn before the runner can act is tremendously powerful.

So, unless you are planning to have only 6 agendas (like 3 Ikawah Project and 3 Project Vacheron) in a deck with 40 to 44 cards, this agenda is better than anything else.

Because Haas-Bioroid need more tool to increase its efficiency. And to top it off, the are is just as amazing, with a quote that give you hope and dream. Best agenda in the game, period.

(System Update 2021 era)