Sayonara Sucker ! -Karma SanDiego.

Calimsha 2837

Time to shake-up the meta.


This is the new face of criminal deck, building econ and access at the same time while keeping the remote in check with plop/councilman and keep HQ honest with Reflection. The only thing you need to keep in check are power cards like Sansan / Jeeves and anything who could let the corp score from hand. Everything else is irrelevant because of the mid-late game inevitability of TTW.

The entire deck is about setting up the engine fast and then keep the corp honest. Don't be afraid to draw a lot and sometime discard cards like Siphon or Legwork.

Singleton Feedback Filter is here because some scumlord without honor are still playing those awful museum decks and that card keep them honest. In a more healthy metagame, it should definitely be a Quality Time to fasten up your setup time.

The deck can actually free up 2 inf by cutting Corroder and Zu for Sherman and Peacock (you need 2 cloud breakers to keep your rig without playing additionnal MU). I actually don't think this is a good idea because Zu/Corroder are much more flexible than Peacock/sherman but i can totally see some player trying that combination for something like Déjà Vu or 2 QT instead of Express Delivery. I don't think it's worth it but feel free to experiment.

Overall, this deck plow through all "fair" netrunner while having a good chance vs asshat museum decks. The FA Matchup is tricky as usual when you don't play clot lock but it's actually fairly manageable since you are still playing Crim with all the crim tools like Siphon / Legwork / Inside job to keep the rush aspect of NBN honest.

Bleed blue.

PS: Don't even think about Rebirth. That card is super awful in this particular build. It really want to keep 2 link to enable the breaker suite.

9 Jun 2016 Syntax

Mandatory DOTW ! \o/ :)

9 Jun 2016 YodaSensei

I like the recent changes to the deck. And it's worth mentionning this deck includes neither Faust nor any card currently on the NWL!

9 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Faust and MWL cards are so early 2016.

9 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

For those looking at other options...I was building this while reading the slack chat and independently ended up pretty close to the same place. I put in 1 lawyer up because it is good against sync and you generally get it when you want it since its a 1 of.

I'm not a fan of sexpress delivery, I go for the 3 dirty laundry and 1 lawyer up instead of 2 express delivery, making opening hands easier to play down all cards. I also am testing Sherman instead of corroder, the 3 cost seems fine, and it makes enough money in honest matchups that it helps vs hive and such. Unsure if it has tested better.

I also run 1 access to globalsec, which might not be needed, I'm sure calimsha has tested the link enough, but I do have rebirth, so extra link slots is fine (I wouldn't give up being able to be Leela, Iain on a bad draw, or even just Gabe).

Also I have 1 plascrete because to hell with getting blown up.

If you haven't played this deck, its a blast, I finally found a runner archetypye I can stick to out of criminal. One upheart.

9 Jun 2016 SavageOne316

I'm a little perplexed by the need of two legworks when you have turning wheel.

9 Jun 2016 Calimsha

About legwork : You really don't want to blow 10 TTW token when you know there is agenda in there. It also helps you before you actually draw your TTW against fast matchup like NEH FA / SYNC. I'll rather play 2 creds, a legwork and 4 TTW token to keep my R&D dig threatening instead of blowing up 10 and make R&D safe for the next 2-3 turns ;)

9 Jun 2016 SavageOne316

You'd only blow 8 tokens, but I see your point.

9 Jun 2016 LeonardQuirm

Rebirth isn't a complete no-no: Geist, Iain and Nero all have one base link too, and don't have blank text boxes after your opening hand. None of their abilities tie directly to the deck build (not that many trash abilities, should be fine jacking out with Snitch, and ideally you don't want your opponent getting many points) but none of them are useless either. Depends on whether your meta has any net and brain damage or not, since it'd have to directly replace the Feedback Filter.

9 Jun 2016 Calimsha

I'll rather play a QT instead of Feedback Filter if i'm freeing up the influence @LeonardQuirm. I'm not saying rebirth is a BAD card, it just make zero sense in this specific deck.

9 Jun 2016 Diegofsv

I have this EXACT DECK, only that it is a Adam deck...LOL

9 Jun 2016 MrMint

@Diegofsvthis EXACT 58 influence DECK !! x)

9 Jun 2016 Diegofsv

@MrMint I kinda exaggerate a little, since its not EXACT, but its so damn close that I kinda freak out. sorry about that. But aside for some events and the console, its all pretty much it.

9 Jun 2016 rage

Rather than going to Quality Time or Déjà Vu, what about a Demolition Run or two? Maybe it's just because I'm playing a lot of event heavy Jeeves Model Bioroids decks, but the ability to totally blow up their hand or trash a huge chunk or R&D seems bonkers.

9 Jun 2016 Calimsha

@rage : What are your goals when you go for a demo-run on corp HQ / R&D ? Because trashing a lot of cards on a big accesss that could have actually won you the game doesn't help you winning. At best, it slow down the corp but it does nothing for you. As much as I can understand how it would feel good for someone to pull a huge Demo Run and trash a lot of cards, if you can manage to get enough TTW counters to do that, you should have already won the game.

So no, two influences wasted on something who don't actively helps you getting ahead and win the game is a no-go in my book.

Feel free to cut influence here and there to fit a Demolition Run. I just really don't think it's worth the deckspace and the influence.

10 Jun 2016 Popeye09

How does Demolition Run not help you win on R&D? I can kind of understand your argument on HQ (it sets back the opponent winning rather speeding up your own win, still very useful!).

But on R&D, if you are going to dig for extra cards with The Turning Wheel, would you rather steal the agendas you see and leave a big heap of safe cards on top of R&D, or steal the agendas you see and smash everything else as well, bringing new agendas fresh to the top?

10 Jun 2016 Calimsha

@Popeye09 : Because by doing so, you let the corp see new cards and you break your R&D lock. From the corp perspective, milling a card and having that card sitting on the bottom of the R&D and never being drawn is pretty much the same. By taking out a chunk of the R&D, you just give the opportunity to the corp to see fresh new cards instead.

10 Jun 2016 MikeJS

Hi @Calimsha, I've played a reasonable amount of this deck on since you shared it with me. Back then it had no Express Delivery and had Quality Time instead of Feedback Filter.

I think -1 Self-modifying Code +1 Déjà Vu +1 Quality Time works well. I haven't noticed a severe enough hit to setup time by dropping 1 tutor and would argue that the deck still functions without having all 3 Au Revoir (of course 3 is best).

I also tried dropping 1 Self-modifying Code to bring in anti-FA tech like 1 The Source and 1 Film Critic. Film Critic 100% won me a match against SYNC, but The Source wasn't good enough.

I'm going to try it with Express/QT and a Déja as a replacement for 1 Self Mod.

Questions. Can you play this with 1 SMC and is 1 Councilman enough to stop Batty trashing rigs with Ichi?

10 Jun 2016 tzeentchling

@Calimsha Demolition Run seems best designed here to be an HQ attack, particularly if they have a bunch of nasty cards in hand like Scorches or Midseasons. It effectively becomes a Wanton Destruction but with Turning Wheel tokens instead of clicks (plus you can steal if you want). I think you're right that using it on R&D is counterproductive, as unlike with Medium you don't get to see the same number of cards the next time you run.

10 Jun 2016 IonFox

Just curious, due to this deck's slower set up time, would a drive-by or 2 be recommended for keeping the remote honest?

11 Jun 2016 Radiea

@MikeJS If you're using The Source, you definitely want Fall Guys. Other lists of Au Revoir Andy have them, but this doesn't; unless you can find space for those, The Source is not that great.

11 Jun 2016 MikeJS

@Radiea I think I agree. The goal is to never steal, but host on Film Critic, thus keeping it alive on the runner side. But on the corp side, too many things get it trashed. But, adding Fall Guy further dilutes the deck. I know this; against glacier, I have something like a 90% win ratio with this deck and I'm an average player. FA has been much harder, and the problem is FA (with a side of meat perhaps) is still the deck to beat in a lot of Regional tournaments.

11 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Imho, the source is a deckbuilding trap. Alone, it does nothing and you really need a critical mass of other stuff to make it works. There will be some use case where the source is effectively a good include but those are too narrow in my mind to be worth the influence and deckslot ;).

I'll rather setup and draw faster against FA than try to control their board, it sounds like a better gameplan.

11 Jun 2016 MikeJS

@CalimshaYou've clearly tested more than I have, but based on a handful of games against FA I tend to agree. The Source just wasn't worth it. Film Critic pulled it's weight more than once, but once you're set up Midseason is rarely a problem, so similarly that doesn't make the cut. I'm still playing with 1 Self-modifying Code. I think I would need 2 Councilman to feel safe from Marcus Batty, so I might go back to 2 SMC and test from there.

15 Jun 2016 Yhtill

I like the style of this deck a lot, but one thing worries me: With only one copy of each breaker and no way to get them back from your heap, aren't you in a lot of trouble as soon as one of your breakers is trashed or you are forced to discard one?

15 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Gitgud and don't get your breaker trashed?

15 Jun 2016 MikeJS

@Yhtill... I think this is a valid question. Firstly, you shouldn't be losing your program to a sentry. What is possible, at least where I play, is Marcus Batty firing an Ichi 1.0 sub. If you suspect it, hold Councilman in hand, then install and run on the same turn. If the corp has the sense to pre-rez Batty, then get a run on HQ in and kill it with PolOp. If Batty is on HQ and pre-rezd... well, Netrunner is full of problems we have to solve ;) That will remove the threat in that particular instance. Not much you can do against someone like PE who snipes a program from hand except to go with the age-old advice of installing your breakers once you draw them.

15 Jun 2016 Popeye09

@MikeJS In addition to damage, there is a fair amount of Salem's Hospitality floating around. You don't want to lose your breaker to one of those. Power Shutdown will give you kittens too if you run into it.

15 Jun 2016 Calimsha

@Popeye09 : Don't play Crim then, if you are too afraid of getting a breaker trashed for whatever reason ;)

15 Jun 2016 Popeye09

Indeed! The question was "Isn't this very fragile to program loss?". The answer is "Yes!" So either accept that, or if someone doesn't like that idea they should swap in a little recursion. Because you can play around a lot of things, but not everything.

15 Jun 2016 Calimsha

I'm just saying that program loss shouldn't be an issue if you play well. Crim didn't have recursion since the core set and it has never been an issue. You have way to avoid getting your programs trashed and tools to still get into servers if a breaker has been taken out.

Afraid of losing part of your rig ? Then don't play crim. That's pretty easy.

22 Jun 2016 Frogblast

I've been playing this deck for a while and the only program trash problem I've seen is aggressive secretary (that I never saw through Reflection... The other games where I had a program trashed I still managed to win because you will mostly always have another option.

7 Jul 2016 rumirumirumirumi

I have almost 0 jinteki in my local meta, and I'm the only person who plays BioLock. So what would be a good use for the last influence? I agree that Rebirth is a questionable choice for this deck because of the memory constraints.

7 Jul 2016 manveruppd

@rumirumirumirumiI've been using Film Critic in that slot, it's an MVP. I also tried Employee Strike, but there's a lot of Midseasons in my area so Film Critic is better.

re: program trashing, I too am running more councilman for that reason.