Rez or no Rez (That is the Question)

Jamil 38

This deck is a newish but equally aggressive version of the ol' school Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional deck. The principle of this deck's aggressivity is to put the Corp in front of a dilemma.

Either they rez ICE, giving you your precious 2 creds each turn; and you have way to both test their defenses with Security Testing, and to punish them/dodge the subs with cards like Emergency Shutdown, Flip Switch or Boomerang. Or they don't rez, which gives you access and information, and allows you to nurture your run economy (with cards like Bankroll or Bravado.

If the corp goes up on creds, try to stop them with tricks like shutting expensive pieces of ICE, Mining Accident, and/or Hernando Cortez. This deck can also be very aggressive on R&D thanks to Stargate, one of the MVP cards.

The final touch of the deck is a forgotten but very elegant resource, i.e. Street Magic. The corp will sometimes face dilemma to rez a piece of ICE when they know you can resolve the subs in the order of your choice, and trump certain cards like Archer or Surveyor.

Eventually, remember that, like the good old Gabriel Santiago deck, this one is pure aggression and fundamentally lies on run economy.

5 Dec 2020 Diogene

I saw your deck in action on stream with Theyla.

I feel the deck might struggle with MU, will all the programs and only 5 MU max to install. Bankroll could be changed for Daily Cast. One less Stargate for one more Mining Accident and one more Turning wheel could let you do greater economic pressure.

I like the use of Street Magic and Flip Switch. In conjunction with Hernando Cortez, it will give a lot of frustration to the corp.

Los is seldom seen and it is good to see the ID come back. Thank you for sharing this deck.

5 Dec 2020 Greasythumb

Real crims don't need no memory. Full breaker suites are for dirty shapers. While Street Magic is cool and I fully respect its inclusion, I can't help but feel it would be better were it the third Mining Accident and Flip Switch. Or two Turning Wheels. Lots of good options for that influence.

With 2x Special Order have you thought about diversifying your breaker options? Replacing 1x Amina with 1x Passport could help you land Diversion of Funds while the game is low on money. Like, I'm not saying that's a good idea, but it's an idea, that's for sure. Aumakua is another one of that can be fetched when you need it and will do a bunch of work without support in certain matchups.

6 Dec 2020 Jamil

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments !

@Diogene You pointed one real problem that I faced : the run economy here is quite slow (Bankroll is an excellent card, but it takes time to fill it in), and the economic pressure is not so strong at the beginning, so I've got to find a way to put more pressure on the corp early game. Gabriel had Sneakdoor Beta to threaten archives as well, and that's why I chose Stargate, and Security Testing in order to put pressure on all central servers. But I like your daily casts idea for my drip econ, I'll try it !

@Greasythumb You're right, this deck could maybe gain more coherence and flexibility if I could include 2 turning wheels. And thanks to your other comments, I'll think again about my breaker suite !