Eventive Wu

Pinkwarrior 2337

Based on my Fast Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind event deck, this ditches Oracle May to have more toys but keeps the speed of event based econ & draw.

Leveraging Rejig,Simulchip and Spec Work's are a must for the list. These are your program search cards when combined with your ID they also all have other uses so their not dead later in the game like SMC and Importantly they all work with Aniccam for extra draw power. remember though you need a program in the bin to fire Simulchip which can be a problem.

Inversificator the main reason for this over Engolo is just MU you have more MU to play with with Inversificator and the ablity to move ICE is massive get those Border Control's/Surveyor's or other problematic ICE where their of less use to the corp.

The Maker's Eye & Legwork for quick multi-access these are super powerful in the current meta the game moving so quick, in particular Legwork wins games alot of the time I suppose the surprise factor of a Shaper suddenly accessing 3 cards from HQ helps its potency.

Cyberdelia these really help your late game potential and give you the MU you need to have 3x Rezeki in play.

Modded I dunno why this dosn't see more play it's on of shapers few good tempo econ cards and again works nicely with Aniccam nothing like getting it down for free and getting the draw to boot.

Jarogniew Mercs because theirs not alot of meat damage protection around these days and although it's not often i use them just when i think about taking them out they go and win me a game usually with a City Works Project play. Citadel Sanctuary helps with meat also and combo's with the mercs on top.

2 Dec 2020 Xandorius

I like these go fast decks!

Have you considered Self-modifying Code for the purposes of getting a Rezeki or two out turn 1 with Wu's ability? I've found that consistency can really add up.

2 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Xandorius not for Rezeki no it's abit of a trap i find as doing this for 2x Rezeki really hits your tempo it's like 8 credits of money you just poured into that turn 1. One maybe but even that sinks 4 down it's usually not worth it just draw into them or rejig them it costs less and Rejig works with Aniccam. Even in deck where you have Stimhack's for this purpose your now down a stim to get into a remote with and now your down 2xSMC.

Also part of the point of this build is to not rely on SMC id sooner add Compile/Test Run, Honestly id like to fit another Spec Work into the deck but I'm already pushing the list been at 50 cards. If i would change anything it would probably be the Jarogniew Mercs but i dunno what id replace them with.

I hope this helps with my point of view.

3 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior I will try this for sure. I have started to get how to play your Chaos deck.

Why not use Whistleblower. You could go 2x, replacing Citadel and Jarogniew. It is great against Obotaka and City Work.

I really like the include of Mystic Maemi. I keep forgetting it is only 2 inf and amazing with event based deck. I feel that Mystic Maemi could be better at 3x and letting go of Day Job. This would the equivalent of an extra drip. I'll try it, after trying the deck as it is, and I'll tell you about the experiment.

Thanks for sharing this deck. It look very nice. With you an Xandorius, I feel Shapers (especially Kabonesa) are getting back in force!

3 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@DiogeneI've never liked Whistleblower I've always been of the mind set id rather use the inf on pretty much anything else so that's my reason for not using it, it may fit your style better though just not a fit for me.

I will say this the deck works fine with 2x Mystic Maemi dropping the Jarogniew Mercs for the other copy, i don't think id want to drop 2x Day Jobs tho for a 3rd personally but you maybe on to something their.

I'm glad your enjoying the decks anyway.

4 Dec 2020 Xandorius

@Pinkwarrior Thanks for your comments; I see your point of view for sure!

Is the Jarogniew Mercs primarily to deal with City Works Project? If that's something you commonly see then maybe Guru Davinder is an easier pick? I figured it was to avoid getting BOOM!-ed or something, in which case Misdirection is really handy since you can summon it on command with Wu.

Given the huge event ratio, would Oracle May be worth fitting in? You do have some recursion in the off chance she bins the wrong stuff.

4 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Xandorius first off Oracle May as the deck stands no i wouldn't want it whilst theirs plenty off events theirs also alot of other stuff to hit, It certainly could work but id want to Rejig :) the deck a little for her. Firstly id want Compile and or Test Run in the list i think id also want Paragon if where to keep all the hardware and resources or if were dumping all that lot then Aniccam would be fine and id rather go the Aniccam route personally as you have more inf to spare on events then.

as for Jarogniew Mercs it was actually something i ported over from another deck as it worked out for me it's not just City Works Project it's also as you mentioned BOOM! and other stuff like grind Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations/Prisec's i don't think theirs really the resources to make the Jarogniew Mercs stand up all that long for boom though.

Misdirection is good your right for that sort of thing i have been viewing it as a bit of a crutch as of late and trying to run without it where possible.

Guru Davinder is a no go imo this thing is waaayyy 2 expensive in my book and whats more when it's down you can't steal Obokata Protocol, guru also is easily trashed unlike mercs where you have to trash everything else before you can hit them.