[Startup] Master of 2

Ätsch 75

Worked on this decklist on and off for months and now feel like I've reached the end. It's a very nice and easy going list if you're just starting with the game, there are no big tricks here, but it's still among the best Tao decks.

How to play:

Don't feel too bad to never run for the first 3-4 turns, we're doing some nice setup. A single Prepaid VoicePAD and a single DZMZ Optimizer, that's pretty much enough. Only install the second one if you get it really early. Try to install a program per turn. Most Events just give you ez money, and draw with Aniccam. Khusyuk, The Maker's Eye, Jailbreak and Docklands Pass should provide you with enough central pressure from here on out.

You will draw a lot and burn quickly through your deck.

Don't feel bad trashing a second Prepaid VoicePAD or DZMZ Optimizer or some of your other carddraw like Diesel or VRcation in the process, it's fine!

When you're through with your deck use Harmony AR Therapy to get a Khusyuk and maybe even a The Maker's Eye and your money events like Bravado and Sure Gamble back.

Draw your last cards and go for the Mortal Blow.

Khusyuk at 2 of course, hence the name of the list. Cheers ;)

14 Nov 2021 Ätsch


-1 Harmony AR Therapy

+1 VRcation