[throwback] Tap-lock lat

nbkelly 847

I'm going to be (trying to) publishing a list a day for two weeks, in anticipation for my upcoming New Year, Old Cards throwback tournament.

Not quite as strong as the classic taplock lists, but still a good contender for a strong and viable shaper deck, in my opinion.

Your goal is to stick a Tapwrm on the table while the corp has money, and protect it with Sacrificial Construct. If your card reads "can 4+ credits per turn", the corporation does not have the choice of ignoring it. To double down on abusing the corporation economy, we also play Peace in Our Time and Beth Kilrain-Chang.

PAD Tap and Rezeki make sure that our lock-out with taplock actually advances our gamestate when we force the corp to purge a bunch of times in a row, and Stargate provides us a strong win condition. Harmony AR Therapy is probably the weakest card, and you can simply cut it for more economy or draw if you wish, but I like the idea of pulling back taps, saccon, and money.

There's one copy of Ankusa in the deck to punish anyone playing Kakugo or Border Control.

21 Jan 2022 Cooker

I support any deck with an ankusa!