Let's cure the disease

corbeil93 13

Trying to make this deck work, I want to tax the runner to make them think twice about running. I also want to make it FA. I would like to have your comments about this one thanks

18 May 2016 say200426

FA what? Pardon?

18 May 2016 Zakalwe

This deck is not harmonious. Trick of Light simply cannot FA any of your Agendas because they all need 5 advancement counters to FA. This means even if you 1. Install Agenda 2. Trick of Light two advancement counters 3. Trick of Light another two counters you will still end up with a stranded agenda with 4 counters and no more clicks.

I suggest dropping Shi.Kyū, Cyberdex Virus Suite, Snatch and Grab (Deal with Film Critic by keeping the runner out - Remember you The Future Perfect doesn't work when it's installed anyway), Trick of Light and Ice Wall. Try to get at least 1 Ash 2X3ZB9CY to help defend your scoring server.

Shi.Kyū actually doesn't do much for you because the runner needs to either score two Future Perfects or three agendas anyway, because of Global Food, so the only way it can hurt the runner is if they have already scored a Future Perfect and will otherwise win by stealing a second one. Keep in mind that with things like Data Dealer and Artist Colony it could potentially even help the runner. If you want to have some traps Shock! might be better since it is free to use and works from everywhere (discouraging repeated Archives accesses).

Ideally with that Agenda Suite you want to put some reasonable defense on your centrals, cash up with Operations and Build your scoring server ASAP. Against Blackmail, DDoS, Inside Job and Run Amok you will need Caprice/Ash and/or Executive Boot Camp.

A single Aggressive Secretary to reset the runners rig is also a nice option to create a scoring window. Pup is probably too cheap for this deck, it does almost nothing against Account Siphon or Keyhole/Medium and with 9 high power econ Operations you should have the money to rez better ICE.

If you want to win by FA instead then you'll need to completely replace your agenda suite. Try 3x Braintrust, 3x Medical Breakthrough 1x Philotic Entanglement and 2x Corporate Sales Team or Nisei MK II