She Sells Sanctuary

MikeJS 672

I have been playing this deck, or a version of it, almost exclusively since I saw Kiv return to our YouTube screens with a Sunny iteration. Recently, a similar deck won a Store Championship. I'm here to tell you that in my testing, this is almost objectively better when played in Andromeda. 5 less cards and 4 more to start mean you can get set up so much faster, and in a deck with a reasonable amount of moving parts, that's important.


The shell here should be familiar to most people, but in case it isn't I'll give an example turn once you're set up.

At start of turn, use Jak Sinclair to make a run on a server with rezzed Ice. Initiate trace with Security Nexus, gaining 3 credits with your Power Taps. Jack out before the run is successful, taking a tag with John Masanori. Now, your turn has begun, gain 3 credits from your Underworld Contacts. Since you're tagged, feel free to mill 4 cards with Data Leak Reversal, then end your turn with 1 tag, triggering Citadel Sanctuary to clear the tag and gain another 3 from that trace initiating. This all works once you have a credit lead on the corp, and with this deck, that is not hard to do.

There is no question, once this is set up, it's incredibly oppressive and certainly NPE territory.

And it gets set up quickly. An early Johnny Mas will draw you a bunch of cards and Hostage can be used to find him or his partner in crime quickly. Standard econ package for the most part; if I had the space I'd have 3x Daily Casts in here too, but ultimately, it's not necessary. If you don't anticipate having a good option for Temüjin perhaps bring in Daily Casts instead.

Breakers is another area of consideration. I've gone with 2x Bird and Mongoose. In glacier games, don't be afraid to use Peregrine to bounce that annoying Fairchild/DNA Tracker, because you will almost certainly have enough money to do so! Saker is expensive, but it breaks small barriers for 1c each time, which is a big deal. No Special Order and no duplicates because honestly, you're going to win a bunch of games with 1 or even no breakers installed.


This deck has a great match-up against a wide variety of decks. HBFA is probably the notable gap, where you need to use your Account Siphons judiciously to keep them below 7 credits ideally. It has been oppressively strong against CTM. I've had glacier corps get to 5 points but be entirely unable to score out because of the wealth of credits the deck generates. You also need to be careful against Jinteki Net damage decks, lest important cards be sniped.

A meat damage deck that doesn't have a very robust plan to get through your link and New Angeles City Hall will have a hard time killing you. Hold NACH spare in hand if possible against these decks. Another piloting tip, try to never discard DLR, because Best Defense is a thing. Final thing, "Freedom Through Equality" is in here to help scoring out, but also as a way to turn off Scarcity of Resources because an early one of those is bad news for this deck.

See this decklist in action here, as played by IceIceHedgefund on YouTube:

30 Nov 2016 Voron

Almost missing Au Revoir in this deck, if you want to have that many failed runs. And you don't even have to wait for Nexus & Power Tap. Less cards to worry about :)

30 Nov 2016 FreqKing

One of my first questions when I see a Sunny deck is, "Would this be better in Andy?' Often it is. Nice build

30 Nov 2016 esutter479

1 Mongoose = if sentries stack, you quickly become a sad panda. If your money situation is good, I'd consider Garrote instead.

30 Nov 2016 MikeJS

@Voron rezzed ice means not being able to jack out with Au Revoir, until you've let subroutines fire, necessitating Snitch... then this becomes a wildly different deck.

@FreqKingThanks :)

@esutter479They would have to stack the sentries 3 deep and rez them all considering the Security Nexus bypass, and if the corp has done that, you've more than likely got gaps in other servers you can exploit.

30 Nov 2016 AkAnderson

Deck is good, deck name is better.

1 Dec 2016 staglore

Love it. DLR and Citadel Sanctuary...that is just vicious.

1 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

How often are you actually able to land Siphon? With only 1x of each breaker and a likely double-iced HQ it seems like it might be hard to land. I went to Vamp in the Sunny version as I often found they'd have quite a bit of money by the time I could actually get through to HQ

2 Dec 2016 MikeJS

@AkAndersonYes, fantastic song!

@staglorethat was my first reaction upon seeing Kiv playing the combo.

@WhackedMaki Congrats on the SC win and thanks for checking this out. I would love to have Vamp here. In my opinion, it is better than Account Siphon for this deck (most decks actually - it straight up wins games). I don't have the influence for it sadly.

I do reliably land siphons in this deck, usually 1-2 per game. 1 Siphon is likely going to be wasted getting the corp to rez HQ ice. If you can run early and force a rez on HQ it informs you what you're going to need to get in later. This deck sees 90% of it's cards before the corp has 5 points most of the time.

6 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

Tested this out last night and it did well vs PU and Biotech. Not sure I like it over the Sunny version but I'm also a jank master extreme.