Reverse Nexus

Pinkwarrior 2337

I've been playing Sunny for sometime now as I feel she fits how I want to play the game this is the current state of my deck after lots of tweaking here & their.

Street Peddler for speed I really think this is a must in most sunny decks as it trims your deck down and cheapens the installs.

Patron is draw when you need it, against asset spam this is your wyldcakes, against glacial you won't get much use out of it but you also won't need it as much either cos they tend to be slower decks.

Globalsec Security Clearance great against glacial meaning you only need to run when you see an agenda you can also use it as a bluff to force ICE res.

Data Leak Reversal this is your multi access combined with your Security Nexus you can easily get a 3 card mill every turn for only 2 credits. To do this you just make a Jak Sinclair run with less than 5 link and use the Nexus get kicked out and now you have 4 clicks to rain havok on their R&D with. It also backs the nexus up as now if they want to keep you out by upping the trace Str they know their gonna get milled.

Faust with plenty of spare cards to throw and your own version of wyldcakes Faust fits nicely and can speed you up to get you in when you need to.

Sports Hopper many reasons for this one but mainly it's my Plascrete Carapace it's also my only link & I can get rid of at will for DLR or use it as draw if i feel i really need to make a move.

18 May 2016 nicohasa

Have you had The Source in the deck earlier? I've tested out Sunny lately, and it has been the ONLY reason I've won games against NBN so many times.

18 May 2016 thesm17

I love the way to get a tag every turn without spending a click. I'm into it.

18 May 2016 say200426

Try to fit one or two Networking?

18 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@nicohasa no I've never used it. I feel it's alot of influence for the job since you need Fall Guy's on top really. I did use Traffic Jam for a long time but I find Faust plus some link gets me in alot or just spamming DLR if they have something like Gutenberg on R&D.

``@say200426` This deck is actually a mash up of a few different decks id been trying out. One of them was a full DLR deck with Networking & Crash Space but tbh their just not needed if you get the Underworld Contact's you can just repeat the process all day without spending anything or just take the odd turn out to refuel your econ.

18 May 2016 jpthegreat

How do you get the tag each turn?

18 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@jpthegreat I run at a piece of Ice with Jak Sinclair then i use the Security Nexus and purposely lose the trace.

19 May 2016 Zakalwe

Networking costs a card slot (+1 influence) and only saves 1 per tag clearance. Better to add other types of econ at that rate in my opinion. Data Folding might work but I guess this deck doesn't need it.

19 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Zakalwe Am not a fan of Data Folding id rather use the MU personally, as long as I break every turn 2 Multithreader's gives me 1 more credit for 1 less card, action and 3 less credits granted am not always doing that but I feel the benefits outweigh the downside.

If you were going all in on the DLR then yeah it probably would be better and it's certainly better than Networking unless maybe your up against SYNC: Everything, Everywhere.

13 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

Just wanted to update this list a little since the release of Liberated mind id been playing around with The Turning Wheel after abit of tweaking the deck list now has 2x The Turning Wheel for Film Critic & 1 Data Leak Reversal which seems to be better overall for the deck.