KANEHL (5, 47, 55, 94, 130, 182, 245 at Worlds 2023)

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cableCarnage bracing himself

Dan, this is for you, with lots of love from all of us: cinnamon floating around NEH


With the memes out of the way, let's talk about the deck. This is the actually tempo NEH that quite a few of us played at Worlds. It scores out and is pretty good at doing so. @tugtetgut made the deck and had an incredible Jnet casual win-rate with it (and we all know that is a sure sign of greatness). At first the rest of the group was sceptic for quite a while, but as more and more of us started testing the deck we realized how amazing it is.

NWE members being sceptic about a great deck


The deck works relatively straight-forward: you spam assets and build your econ in the early-game while bottoming your agendas with Daily Business Show. Once the board is ready for you to score (Wage Workers is safe behind ice or in multiples, one or more Amani Senai is also hanging about) you shuffle your deck (either with Spin Doctor or Marilyn Campaign) and look for your agendas again.

With the ice being not great, you can make your scoring windows by either installing agendas naked and sneaking them out if runners don't check your remotes or if the runners do check, usually they also trash things, so you Oppo Research them, they get broke-ish by removing tags and give you space to score. Quite often your scoring remote is 2-3 pieces of ice to help keep runners out.

Either way, once you manage to score a Artificial Cryptocrash with Amani Senai out, the runner is usually in a hole that they will have a difficult time climbing out of. That's when you can ride that wave and keep pushing more agendas or tag them so you can close out the game with Shipment from Vladisibirsk. Triple-advance Bellona and Seamless Launch from the extra Wage Workers click is also a surprisingly good closer for the deck.

49th Card

the ice in the deck making people sad Inside NWE we had a long debate about the 49th card as we were happy with 48 cards, but not quite satisfied with Tiered Subscription in the 49th slot. Some of us (including myself) stuck with it, as it's an asset, can be spammed and gives some amount of money. Not great, not terrible. Some people ran Predictive Planogram for the draw/money burst/occasional tag punishment. And @testrunning, well, see for yourselves: Testrunning yodeling to Asger

(We call Your Digital Life "yodel" as it's YDL and we're a funny bunch.)


The ice suite can maybe use some re-evaluation as for me personally Virtual Service Agent was always lacking. Unsmiling Tsarevna is mostly to have a sentry and do 3 damage with Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, and Mestnichestvo is a beefy codegate that can imitate a Tollbooth at times.

Closing Thoughts

The deck went 45-12-1 in our whole group which seems like a pretty decent win percentage. I personally lost 1 game with the deck where @Jackmade assembled Aeneas Informant, Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra and 3 Bankrolls in a few turns and I had a weird draw with very little assets. It is a beast of a corp deck and I implore anyone interested in it to give it a whirl.

Shoutouts to:

  • @tugtetgut for again building a superb deck
  • NWE crew for testing, refining and being fun
  • PSK and her Worlds crew for running this gargantuan event, y'all can't imagine how stressful it was for them
  • all the lovely people who came to Barcelona to sweat while playing a card game we all are passionate about <3

Last Meme

This is the NWE crew on Thursday, watching Bluey instead of testing. Misha was originally there, but then left, so of course they didn't need to keep watching Bluey. But they did. Bunch of NWE people watching Bluey

19 Oct 2023 Testrunning

Awesome deck. And shoutout to @Bridgeman for absolutely destroying all of us when playing against this deck

19 Oct 2023 Zerothmaxima

Shoutouts to Bluey

19 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

@TestrunningAppreciate the shout! I did better against it over time :D In the beginning a healthy dose of luck was needed :) Thanks for the great games!

19 Oct 2023 xiaat

Thanks, I hate it. Made a personal contribution of 3 losses across 3 days to 3 different people on 3 slightly different versions of this list.
In all seriousness, it was a pleasure. I figured it out by game to but my Runner deck was woefully unprepared to deal with something like this (install Miss Bones turn 1 and still lose? Should’ve brought more Miss Bones bro! Great games you folks.

19 Oct 2023 shanodin

Why did you land on not using ARES?

19 Oct 2023 percomis

@Zerothmaxima big shoutouts to the whole Heeler family.

@xiaat I've beaten many people on Miss Bones. The good thing about this deck is that lot of our assets cost 4 to trash (DBS, Amani Senai, Wage Worker, usually trashed in this sequence) so Miss Bones gets emptied fast. And often it's an early-game play where runner econ is not necessarily set up yet and shaking Oppo is a lot of tempo for them. So padding your econ while having Miss Bones is a better approach than more Miss Bones.

@shanodin it felt like the issue I think Stegodon decks have: spending time on scoring a 1 pointer agenda is not worth it for this deck, even if the effect is strong. The assets kind of protect themselves by being plenty and expensive to trash and without ARES you usually just need to score 3 agendas to win. I know we could include Lady Liberty, but I feel like that's a different deck. What this deck wants to do mostly is score a Cryptocrash with an Amani on the board and win from there.

19 Oct 2023 shanodin

@percomisgood stuff, just did that. Matt's upset with me now.

19 Oct 2023 jan tuno

inspiring to see that NWE members compliment each other by saying "so gross!" in the same way that QtM uses "evil". great deck, can't wait to play it lots

19 Oct 2023 Diogene

Saw the YDL meme and started laughing. Amazing deck. Great write-up (but DeeR is just the top) and congratulations for all the wins. This will make Jinteki casual difficult for days to come.

How can one win against this? Cheers!

19 Oct 2023 JackMade

The memes are so good in this writeup. Also i regret calling this deck terrible at first, since it is obviously not. <3

20 Oct 2023 NWE

@shanodinunderstandable, but swap decks and hopefully Matt will see how fun it is. :D

@jan tunowe don't say gross often, but when you empty the runner's credit pool and bounce their econ, it feels appropriate :D

@Diogeneit's not easy but if you can maintain a healthy credit pool, check all the remotes and contest the scoring remote the deck will have a hard time scoring out. You need at least some amount of tech and Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra helps a lot as "install 4 new remotes" is a thing NEH often does. Sometimes the deck goes broke to score to steal your money (shouldn't in general, but happens from time to time), you can capitalize on those turn to get in some accesses. Installing Maw is a trap btw, I see people doing it and I get the sentiment behind it, but bouncing a 6 cost card with Amani Senai is exactly what this deck wants to do.

Also maybe @Bridgemancan talk about how to beat the deck as he did that a couple of times :D

20 Oct 2023 lazychef13

I love Bluey! Such a great writeup and thx for the games. Even tho Cryptocrash into Amani + Hermes bounce was rough, I really enjoyed the game against you.

21 Oct 2023 Blackwing

What do you do against people installing scrubber and just running you down?

21 Oct 2023 Testrunning

'@Blackwingsame as with miss bones. You install more Assets per turn than they can trash and Oppo them if they try. Also unless the runner is on 3 Scrubber (and lets be real no one is even on 1 scrubber) they need to find and install it first, giving you a few turns headstart spamming the board

21 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

@NWE``@DiogeneWith my version of hosh it seemed to be the optimal strategy was to aggressively trash anything that accelerates the corps game plan, meaning money assets and wage workers, I dumped as much money as I could into this and used hoshiko flip plus the drip I had to fund this endeavour. I found that when the corp grinds to a halt the board wont get out of hand and I will have time to find all my answers and my drip will give me maximum value. I was however on two of paladin and maemi as well as two fermenters. You wont be able to prevent all cryptocrash scores probably, but with drip you are in a position to recover quickly, and you are fine so long as they dont score out. Trashing all wage workers means they have to spend a seamless or telegraph the score, making it easier to contest or more costly for them.

You may want to install maw at some point, but certainly not early and mb never depending on how the game goes.

Just keep enough cash around to not lose to Oppo and you are fine, keep in mind that while oppo hurts it also costs them money, a click and a card and if you put them in a position to click for credits you are winning in the long run.

The only disadvantage I found here is that games go long, so dont take too long on your turns.

21 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

If they do snowball you basically stop contesting the board and only try to prevent scores, in one game I got lucky and had the maw hit the tagpunihsment, meaning I could go tagme.

29 Oct 2023 Council

Das ist wahrhaftig so gross und unglaublich cool