♦ Maw 6[credit]

Hardware: Console
Influence: 3

+2[memory unit]

The first time each turn you access a card not in Archives and do not steal or trash it, the Corp must trash 1 card from HQ at random.

Limit 1 console per player.

Illustrated by Martin de Diego Sádaba
Decklists with this card

Daedalus Complex (dc)

#2 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-05-03

    ANCUR UFAQ 19 [Michael Boggs]

    Updated Does Maw trigger if the Runner uses Salsette Slums to remove an accessed card from the game?

    Yes. The Runner accessed a card but did not steal or trash it.

  • Updated 2024-05-03

    ANCUR UFAQ 13 [Michael Boggs]

    If the first card the Runner accesses not in Archives that they do not steal or trash is an agenda that they host on Film Critic, does Maw trigger?

    Yes. The Runner accessed a card and did not steal or trash it. Maw's trigger condition can only ever be met after an access ends, so it isn't a condition met by entering the "accessing a card" timing structure. Ending the access prematurely with Film Critic won't invalidate its trigger condition.

    If the Runner does not steal or trash the first card they access in HQ, and that card is then randomly selected for Maw's trigger, is the card trashed to Archives faceup or facedown?

    The Corp trashes that card to Archives faceup as it is currently visible to the Runner.

    Does Maw trigger when the Runner accesses but does not trash an upgrade installed in the root of Archives?

    Yes. Cards in the root of Archives are not considered in Archives.

    How does Maw work if the Runner accesses more than one card from HQ during a single access step (e.g. through Legwork)?

    The first of the accesses from HQ that the Runner does not steal or trash triggers Maw. Before continuing accessing cards, the Corp trashes a card from HQ at the same time, which can include a card already accessed during this access step. As a best practice, resolve HQ accesses by placing all the cards in HQ facedown on the table. Thus, the Runner can flip cards faceup to access them, as well as roll a die or use some other method to select a random card to perform another type of effect (such as trashing with Maw).


Look at that! 3 influence for a powerful console. What a novel idea!!!

And because my review must be longer: Combine with Salsette Slums when accessing assets and upgrades (or trash-able ICE and Operations) to still get the effect.

(Daedalus Complex era)
Seems like the combo with Salsette Slums doesn't work: —
That makes no sense. Salsette Slums prevents Hostile Infrastructure from triggering because you aren't trashing the card anymore, so how would it count as trashing the card for Maw? —
Yeah, that's weird. Seems clear that Salsette should work with Maw. —
Alice Merchant's console - look at her, look at the synergy! O_O —
Whoops, the card has to be not in Archives. No synergy here, carry on. —
Unless they happen to have an Upgrade on Archives! But that almost never happens. —
I think the issue with slums is that you pay the trash cost, but the card is not actually trashed, it is removed from game. Hence why CtM does not trigger. There is some semantic difference between "paying the trash cost" and "trash"ing a card. As to potential synergy with Alice, I think there is some, if you run Archives, the corp tosses something they can lose, then you trigger Maw on a different run, making the random factor more likely to hit a card the corp would like to keep. Just thoughts. —
So after reading all the arguments over Ordinal triggers and like, it looks like the Salsette Slums interaction doesn't work, since the game 'remembers' that you tried to trash a card in 4.5.3. However, I think this makes the card play very differently to how it's actually written, and should have been cleaned up. At least it's not as messed up as Sync BRE. —
I'd say "Pair with Archives Interface..." casue that means that they can't get back what they trash as easily. —
Is this absolutely confirmed? To me, there isn't even a question that Salsette should work with Maw. But if it doesn't work, I'd like to know for sure. —
It makes no sense for Maw to not trigger on Salsette. With Salsette “Once per turn, when you pay the trash cost of an accessed card, remove that card from the game instead of trashing it.” ANCUR is claiming that the runner must ‘trash the accessed card. But they don’t, they PAY the trash cost to remove it INSTEAD of trashing it. Maw fires. —
If the ruling is correct that Slums & Maw don't work together, then FF has really screwed up with the wording on this card. It's ridiculous that players should have to know that there's a difference between "choosing to pay the trash cost" and "the card actually goes to archives", and they happen at different times, but both are referred to as "trashing". —
Thank goodness, they fixed this in the latest FAQ, so Slums and Maw do work together now. —

Maw + Bhagat = Millmonster of epic proportions. Successfully run HQ, Bhagat triggers and trashed the top card of R+D, if you don't hit and agenda or trash from the HQ acess, Maw triggers and trashes one random card from HQ. So it's essentially two acesses if you hit an agenda in Hq, or three if you don't. (Yes, I'm aware you'd have to run archives to access the trashed cards, but still. Drop an early Hades shard and do your thing player!)