Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist

Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist

Identity: Natural
Deck size: 45 • Influence: 15 • Link: 0

0[credit]: Install 1 program from your grip (paying all costs). Use this ability only once per turn and only during a run. When that run ends, trash that program if it is not a trojan.

Art knows no borders.
Illustrated by Matheus Calza
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The Automata Initiative (tai)

#20 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2023-10-01

    The Runner approaches a piece of ice, and the Corp decides not to rez it. Can the Runner then use Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist to install a program before they pass the unrezzed ice?

    No. The Runner has the first opportunity to act in any paid ability window on their turn, so they must have already passed priority by the time the Corp could rez the ice. If the Corp does not rez it or use any other abilities, that means both players have passed consecutively, so the paid ability window immediately closes. The Runner proceeds to pass the unrezzed ice before their next opportunity to use a paid ability.

  • Updated 2023-10-01

    If the Runner is encountering an ice that is not installed, such as Chrysalis, can trojans be hosted on that ice?

    No. Only objects in score areas and the play area can host objects.


𓆏(°︿°) 𓆏

𓆏 She looks amazing and i love her <3

𓆏 Her mini-story for The Automata Initiative is wonderful and totally put her in my top 5 runner IDs instantly :D

𓆏 So many people in the community have been super excited to run with her during scoop season in July 2023, and now today on 1st August it is absolutely definitely Time To Run !

𓆏(°︿°) 𓆏

𓆏 As for actual card-game-related review on her ability... I'm a beginner sorry... 𓆏

𓆏 Of course there is a lot of cards that work well with her, most notably trojans obviously, but also cool cards released in the same set like her girlfriend Beatriz Friere Gonzalez , her fave accessory AirbladeX (JSRF Ed.) , or her console LilyPAD , and if you check the rest of Shaper cards from The Automata Initiative you'll see they mesh very well, though nothing stops you from playing those cards with other identities and i'm sure you'll meet with good success this way too 𓆏

𓆏 Many of the released Trojans are popular and strong, like Botulus a staple from System Gateway. Installing one is often useful on its own, but Arissana's ability not only let you surprise the Corp by playing it mid-run, but also when holding multiple in your grip you can choose the most appropriate one according to what ice they rez ! 𓆏

𓆏 That's the extent of what i can figure out for now haha 𓆏

𓆏(°︿°) 𓆏

𓆏 Hopefully reading this makes you look forward to give this awesome identity a try <3 𓆏

𓆏 And i hope this website can read all the frog emoticons lmao 𓆏

(The Automata Initiative era)

Yes! I love her so much, both mechanically and flavorfully. 🎨🐸

Two things pop up at me about Arissana right away.

  1. That. Jacket!! I don't know who was in charge of the clothing design for this cycle but there are some killer fits that I want to wear all over this set. This is merely the top of my list of favorites.

  2. The zero-credit ability. I don't think we've had many abilities like this. Run-based abilities you pay with clicks? By trashing? Paying multiple credits? Lots of those, on both sides of the game.

(Run-based here referring to abilities that trigger during a run, and I include bioroids "click to break" subroutines in that for these purposes)

But this is a new one. Yes, you're paying for the program you're installing, but that's not from the ability itself. The best comparison is Self-modifying Code, but with SMC you're paying 2 to activate, however many credits your program costs, and two MU until you pop it off. Arissana here just skates over to the server and starts tagging it with Trojans.

Naturally there's some balance here in that once-per-turn, only during a run, and limiting the "search" to the grip, but this is still a powerful effect that I believe will be impactful immediately.

Overall, one of my new favorite cards here. The art, the lore, the theme, the effect, it's all good. Fantástica!

(The Automata Initiative era)

Arissana & “Runner Counterspells”

Ari (🎨🛼) is the first identity in Android: Netrunner that brings us “counterspells” (or “grip-based interrupts”), like the Hidden Resources in Original Netrunner.

For example, countering facechecked AP's or Observer's with secret killer trojans, secret damage prevention or tagging avoidance, secret antipersonnel bypass, and so on. eg. against a Phoneutria, she can flash in her Living Mural know that she knows there's a sentry protecting that server, or a Botulus to break one sub and stick around, or a Laser Pointer to bypass both subs (and that would be sacrificed anyways if not flashed), or so on.

Compare Khan: Savvy Skiptracer, Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar, and Apex: Invasive Predator as identities with grip-based hidden-information. Compare also with Savoir-faire ([$2]: Install a program from your grip, paying the install cost. Use this ability only once each turn.).

Synergies — trojans: (sorted by faction/influence, and filtered to standard)

Related — “trojans-matter”:

(The Automata Initiative era)

Vandalising ICE? Running without breakers installed, then dropping a Slap Vandal at the last second? This is my kind of Identity! So, what can you use it on?

  • Trojans: the obvious target
  • Emergency Breakers: you trash these after the run, so they are competing with Botulus/Vandal for utility. Perhaps best saved as a late-game tool when the corp thinks you're locked out of a scoring remote.
  • Utility programs:
    • Self-modifying Code: Dig for Hush when you really need it. Pricey, but combined with your ability you can threaten the mid-run install of any program from an empty board.
    • Laser Pointer as D4v1d-Gr43b3r points out is a great 1-off bypass for dangerous ice
    • Cordyceps: One go could be enough to move taxing ice off R&D
    • Nga or Imp: You only get one use out of these, which is probably not worth it
    • Nyashia for surprise multi-access

Make sure you have a full grip and keep the corp in fear of your mid-run installs!

(The Automata Initiative era)