Deus X

Deus X 3[credit]

Program: Icebreaker
Memory: 1 • Strength: 10
Influence: 1

Interface → [trash]: Break any number of AP subroutines.

[interrupt][trash]: Prevent any amount of net damage.

Didn't see that coming.
Illustrated by Andrew Mar
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A Study in Static (asis)

#66 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This card alone will make many Jinteki players cry. When installed, it can shield you from the Snare!, from advanced Project Junebug or net damage portion of Fetal AI. In critical situation it can be the most efficient tool to break past that pesky Komainu + The Twins combo.

It can break such scary ICE as Janus 1.0, Flare or Shinobi for mere 3 . What's not to love?

It is not as universal as Faerie, which can be used to break any sentries, but can break AP ICE, which means Merlin (codegate) or Wall of Thorns (barrier).

It's one-off, so you will want as many recursion as you can fit in your deck to make it available whenever you want. That means Clone Chip, Test Run and Self-modifying Code. That means you will only need one copy of Deus Ex in your deck, and most probably, you will want to play Shaper to have all the tutoring cards it needs. You will probably bring his anti-destroyer brother Sharpshooter along.

Ah, the sweet joy of playing Test Run from the three Prepaid VoicePAD to once again install Deus Ex for free.

But remember! If it's not installed, and you are about to get fried by Snare, there is no window for bringing it back with Clone Chip and then using it. Don't be greedy and install it before accessing any risky server.

(Order and Chaos era)

Like the previous review state : Deus X will save you from Jinteki corp decks.

But there are other uses.

First, it pairs well with deck who use a lot of recursions tools. Geist, with The Back is one such identity. Geist favor trashable assets, because Geist ID trigger when using a trash effect. Thus, it pair also well with Harmony AR Therapy.

Second, Deus X will allow you to BYPASS ANY OF THE NASTIEST ICES in the game. Chiyashi, Anansi, Brainstorm, Fairchild, Tyr, Hydra to name a few. This is very useful and will save you a lot of cred. Cheap for a 3 credits install.

Third, and this is a jank, you can put Adjusted Matrix on it to make a very credit friendly AI breaker. Allowing you to click through ANY ices. It only cost you clicks.

At 1 influence, it can be used anywhere. Having one on the board can save you a lot of grief.

The only problem is that it can be completely useless against many corps archetype. Corp that favor taxing the credits of the runner for exemple. So, it is like an insurance. An insurance that will save you from being flatlined. The good kind of insurance.

The quote is so much better than the art. And the art is very good.

(Uprising era)