TL;DR into Wormhole with another Wormhole and a Caduceus rezzed on the board. Infinite money loop for you and your friends. Wile away the infinite time loop by thinking about your mom, picturing different animals, and practising your frisbee wirst flick technique. The game ends when the runner leaves.

How does this work? TLDR is on encounter. —
I think he's trying to loop the added sub on the first Wormhole back around to the first via the second Wormhole but it still seems it would resolve the looping when you hit the Caduceus trace for a second time. I'm gonna say this doesn't work until someone explains it better. —
Correct. Labeling Wormhole 1 subs as W1a and W1b, Wormhole 2 sub W2a, and Caduceus money as Ca, @formerteen's idea is that by going W1a -> Ca, W1b -> W2a -> W1a -> Ca, somehow W1a becomes the last sub triggered putting W1b as next. Unfortunately, the second trigger of Ca resolves W1b, meaning W1 is passed. You can loop subs all you want, but once the final result is obtained the parent sub is considered resolved. With both subs resolved, the run continues past W1. —
I like using it in Tennin in combination with Susanoo-No-Mikoto. Since Su-Soo is unique, you can only have one rezzed on the board, but Wormhole effectively gives you a second one, which can be very powerful if you're dedicated to deflecting the runner into archives. —
Now Bigguy's comment is completely valid. It's also extremely powerful to have Wormhole on any server with a Marcus Batty. Trigger Wormhole with Batty, and then pick any subroutine on your board to resolve. —
Whirlpool would be needed to cause the runner to be unable to jack out. TL;DR into Wormhole gives it two subs; you use one for caduceus and the other for the 2nd Wormhole. The 2nd Wormhole allows you to retarget TL;DR, but the runner could chose to jack out at that point. —
@aero, just because you use a second wormhole to target TL;DR doesn't mean the run continues from TL;DR. 1st Wormhole 2nd sub to 2nd Wormhole to TL;DR would cause the run to continue past the 1st Wormhole, as both subs have been completed. The only way to move a position on a run is through specific card effects, such as Cell Portal. —
Well this could be an eternal tag and money loop: Bullfrog, Caduceus and Universal Connectivity Fee rezzed on the board Runner runs on a server with: Whirlpool - The Runner can not jack out Gutenberg - Out trace the runner for a tag. TL;DR - Gives Wormhole two subroutines Wormhole -1) Resolve UCF first loop and the Caduceus 1st -2) Resolve Bullfrog and bet 1 This should do the trick. —