I am sure other players have noticed an incredibly powerful combo with this card after the release of Contaminate. Click -> install Chakana. Click -> play Contaminate. Click -> ruin the Corp's day.

Maybe not the most powerful two card/two click combo... but no Corp player will feel good sacrificing an entire turn to purge the virus counters off there. Even if they do, you are always free to run R&D again and load it back up. You do want to run R&D, right?

Would love to see the pros/cons to running that combo vs running Clot. —
@BlackCherries It taxes the corp outside of fast advance. For 1/3 and 2/4, it would cost the corp ~2.5 credits. Against 3/5 is where it really shines however. If the corp installs and double advances, triple advancing next turn would not score it; they would have to advance it again for another turn. This tells the runner that it is an agenda and makes the runner stealing it much more taxing due to more wasted advancement counters. 1 and 2 additional Chakanas make this a problem for 2/4 and 1/3 respectively. —