The big Boy Cube - 2022 version - Runner Side

Drager 154

This is our version, updated for the 2022 cards, of the infamous thebiboy's draft cube. What changed and why is discussed at the end. All credit for this format, 80% of the card choices and 80% of this notes are - of course - to thebigboy

What you Need:

The Rules

Every player gets a draft starter; the starters are modified from the original to have a more "contemporary" feel to the draft.

Draft Phase

  • Divide the corp cards into card types (agendas, asset+upgrade, operations and ICE), and make 5 packs of 10 cards each; draft them.
    • Every pack is: 2 agendas, 2 assets+upgrade, 2 operations, 3 ice + 1 random
  • Divide the runner cards into card types (Event, Hardware, Resource, Icebreakers and Programs), and make 5 packs of 10 or 9 (if 6 players) cards each; draft them.
    • Every pack is: 3 events, 1 hardware, 2 resources, 1 Icebreaker, 1 Program + 1-2 random (prioritizing the Icebreaker, I would distribute them all first if 6 players)

Deckbuilding Phase

  • Build a legal corp deck and a legal runner deck (minimum deck-size 45) with unlimited influence. Players can include as many or as few cards from their draft starter as they like.
  • Count the influence that your deck has from each faction. Agendas count as 1 influence per point they are worth (For example: Project Atlas is a 2 influence Weyland card for the purposes of this count)
  • Select an ID from the faction from which you have the most influence (in the case of a tie, you choose your faction from between the tied factions)
  • Adjust the deck minimum card size with the selected ID (we introduced 40 cards-minimum ID for the corp, 40 and 50 cards-minimum ID for the runner, you have to respect the minimum size for those ID AND have the propter influence majority)

Cards choices

We feel like the original list had few issues. We of course tried it, had quite fun with it, but because the draft day was organized with a new player we want to "modernize" the feel and "streamlined" some of the mechanics.

After the playtest / little 3-turn swiss we feel that the cube is quite well balanced, but we drafter all 300 cards for the runner (just to have all the icebreaker in the mix) so 5x10 card packs for the runner also. Maybe we could cut Kit from the ids, she's the "old reliable" if you choose shaper. I personally choose Akiko that went 2-1 but Kit was the easiest (and strongest) choice.

I hope you have as much fun as us, all feedback appreciated.

Link to the original bigboy cubes on meteor:

Original Version (2018):

Gen 2020 Version:

28 Apr 2022 Rahrhino

I'm surprised to see no Boomerang in here. Do you think it's too powerful? From looking in the corp list I think the 3x Komainu and 3x Spiderweb are reasonable counters?

29 Apr 2022 Drager

@Rahrhino: Boomerang was one of the most discussed cards for the draft. The decision was to cut it to "make the rush strategy more viable".

We cut the Botuli more or less for the same reason (and, of course, kept the "more fair Botulus" aka Knight)

16 May 2022 wedgeex

I'm wondering if there is an easy way to get more copies of Send a Message or some of the other draft cards.