Having a Tyr-able Day! (Trigger Tyr 2x = win) (Standard)

Murse 95

Original deck notes:

Use Marcus Battyto trigger Tyr's Hand's first subroutine twice. After that you can flip Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined to deal 2 net damage and win.

Because the flatline strategy has some major holes in it, fast advance strategies and Hyoubu Precog Manifold help give you a way to score out and put pressure on the runner to run. An Offer You Can't Refuse serves to provide the last point you need, or funnel a run into your Tyr server.

Because there is only 1 copy of Tyr in the deck, Secure and Protect serves as copies 2 and 3. Thimblerig allows you to move Tyr to whichever server you happen to need it in, while Sand Storm bounces them into the Tyr server allowing you to Batty.

Not sure if this is a viable/competitive strategy, and would love feedback. Kind of scared of devil charm and ICE destruction wrecking this deck.

11 Feb 2020 Murse

Accidentally posted this list with Braintrust initially and not Project Yagi-Uda. Oops! Now this is standard complaint.

11 Feb 2020 Murse

netrunnerdb.com This is the updated list link.

11 Feb 2020 Murse


This is the update list link.

12 Feb 2020 Murse

I ended up dropping one copy of IPO and 1 NGO Front for a copy of Preemptive Action and Konjin. The Konjin acts a bit fiddly if you want the batty trigger, but with seems strong nonetheless.

12 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Nice. What about a Recruiting Trip just so you can tutor Batty asap?

12 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Also I think 3x scarcity is mandatory like in almost every corp deck.

12 Feb 2020 Murse

@SkandrinoI hadn't even considered Recruiting Trip! I don't think that I have slotted that card since it released! I think my issue with Recruiting Trip is that the real issue is finding the Tyr. I'm hoping that the deck won't need to rely on the Batty Tyr thing so much as it can flex between fast advance, Hyoubu Precog Manifold, and Kill. But I'm definitely going to try of this card at some iteration. If nothing more then to stick 3 batty in the same server and trigger them all in one run.

12 Feb 2020 Murse

@SkandrinoI hear you on the Scarcity of Resources thing. I really dislike that card on design level, but I can see where it would be great in this meta. What would you cut for it?

12 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Probably the Hyoubu Precog Manifolds since that seems kind of anti-synergistic with the FA plan and more suited for glacier. But it also depends on if you want to win (scarcity) or play with fun new cards :)

Gonna be trying it out as well!

15 Feb 2020 Murse

Actually got a chance to play this. Changes need to be made. As much as I love GFI, it doesn't feel like it can be scored easily enough to justify it's inclusion.