[Project CROW - 2] Recursion is everything

lostgeek 1062

Project CROW

This deck is part of the Project CROW mini-campaign for beginners familiar with System Core 2019. It is meant as a glimpse into current competitive Standard decks. The campaign starts off with a match of Reina Roja vs. NBN: Making News and progresses in 4 Steps to the classic Valencia Estevez vs. NBN: Controlling the Message matchup and introduces and discusses the use of new cards step by step. The final decks are the winning Corporation of Worlds 2018 and an adjusted version of the winning Runner deck of the Taunton Regional 2019.

If you are confused by the name, there is a great meme in the netrunner community around the Corp deck. And if you have feedback regarding these decks, feel free to contact me on Slack!


Corp 1: Hard-Hitting times Runner 1: Getting to know the basics

Corp 2: Recursion is everything Runner 2: I can make news as well

Corp 3: Enter the Bankers! Runner 3: There has been a t e r r i b l e accident

Corp 4: Final stop: AMERICA CtM Runner 4: Final stop: FREDPI-ish Val

Overview lists by @presheaf:

These great lists show you what cards to put in and out for every game transition: Corp overview, Runner overview

Common part

Several things have changed in this second part of the mini-series towards the Val vs CtM matchup. For one the Runner ID! You're now playing Valencia Estevez, which which has one up- and one downside to it.. Downside: She has a 50 card limit and no link, which makes the Runner more vulnerable to HHN and other traces. But you get something more valuable for it. One bad publicity at the start of the game. This works great to mitigate the less than optimal breakers and helps trashing the Corps assets easier.

A key card in the Runner deck is Rebirth: This gives the Runner the option to change their ID into any other Anarch ID and while this sounds like a great variety of options, there's one target, that is picked more than 95% of the time: Omar Keung. I would recommend playing Rebirth in this deck for now as if it said "change your ID into Omar". The second part of this combination is The Turning Wheel, which replaces the mutli-access cards in the previous deck.

On the other side, the Corps scoring plan has changed completely. They now include the Agenda Quantum Predictive Model, which they will typically install behind a Data Raven. When the Runner accesses it tagged, it goes to the Corps score area. But that is not all: The Corp also has access to Exchange of Information, which allows them to swap agendas with the Runner, if they're tagged.

Besides these defensive options, they also have Calibration Testing and Team Sponsorship. The first helps them to score Agendas directly from HQ by installing them and using Calibration Testing to advance them. The second helps them to keep up the Tempo after the score by allowing them to install one card from Archives or HQ. This will typically be Rashida Jaheem and Calibration Testing, to fetch the next agenda and continue scoring.

Corp part

You will have to balance the ice you install on centrals. On HQ and R&D, try having Enigma or Hunter as the outermost piece of ice, since they can bounce off of them otherwise (run at the server and let the end the run subroutine fire) to get a The Turning Wheel token. Sometimes it is better to not install or rez ice and try to make more money than the Runner instead to threaten the HHN and make them not run instead.

Your general game plan will be installing and advancing things behind Data Ravens, which might be Quantum Predictive Model or some other Agenda. Running through the Raven costs the Runner a lot of money, so you can be brave and try scoring a Priority Requisition masked as a QPM.