Rocks and Rockets around the Clock

Severijn 516

I really love Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. This time I am trying my variation of the Guns & Bombs deck from Saan.

The point of the deck is to abuse Armed Intimidation with Jemison's shenanigans, and specifically also with 24/7 News Cycle. 24/7 is both a card that enables several sweet combos and can act as a fast advance tool.

Ways to abuse 24/7:

  • Fire armed intimidation and if the runner takes tags, follow-up with Exchange of Information or BOOM!
  • Install Meteor Mining, 24/7 using a 2 point agenda and advance with oberth, or use a 3 pointer, or use a 2 pointer and a second forfeit ability that started the turn installed.
  • Fire armed intimidation and if the runner takes the damage, finish the job with Neural EMP.

Agenda composition:

  • 3 Hostile Takeover and 3 Standoff to start the chain. Going to less than these 6 has not worked out for me. I need these to avoid employee strike and to kickstart my deck. I also just need enough fodder to forfeit.
  • 3 Project Atlas, because we can leverage the tutoring ability and it's still a 2/3 which is trivial to score in jemison.
  • 3 Armed Intimidation, the point of the deck.
  • 1 Meteor Mining, because I wanted to live this dream.
  • 1 High-Risk Investment, because you want the chain to go up to at least 3 pointers. I think there may be merit in getting a second 3 pointer in the deck, because it makes it all the more likely that I could pull off the meteor mining kill with 24/7. I went with high-risk investment because I'm not so poor that I need SSL, but not that rich that I don't want economy in my 3 pointers. Usually I am able to score this relatively effortlessly, in which case I don't mind getting the bigger pay-out. You could certainly replace this with your 3-pointer of choice.

Other cards in deck:

I want to force the runner to take the tags, so I run Ibrahim Salem because it can set the runner to less than 5 cards in hand in my turn. It is also one of the 7 assets/upgrades that can be used to fire Jemison's ability. You should always install these in your remote that is defended with ice, which should also be your only real remote. Any other remote should just be a single-card server that is an agenda that gets scored this turn.

Due to the desire to play Ibrahim, I went with a heavy splash of NBN. News Team can defend an installed oberth protocol and will compensate from leaking some agendas over the game's length. Exchange of Information is the reason why I want a second 3 pointer, but at any rate: switching standoff for a 2 pointer ain't bad. Even just getting one additional point is worth it. To round out the 6 cards needed for the alliance bonus, I went with Anonymous Tip, because I noticed that I am often just clicking for draw, which indicates that this card has its place.

My economy is mostly in the agenda suite, but I complement this with hedge fund and 2 IPOs (the third one was cut for the third Standoff).

Ice suite: Tithonium is a trap as long as everyone is playing Laamb and Paperclip, so I went with 2 Archers instead. I run Bailiff over Ice Wall because I can make that money back in time. There is one Hortum in deck specifically against decks that only sport AI breakers. Enigma is in there because it is more punitive. Mausolus, Changeling and Guard are all against the conspiracy breakers as they are at a useful breaking point. They will at least need a Datasucker to swing this back in their favor. Guard also mandates that they find a way to break it, not a useless trait when many players I play are still on the security nexus plan.

18 May 2018 archmage

Your News Cycle link is broken. You want card no. 09019, not card 0901.

Other than that, the deck seems like a lot of fun!

18 May 2018 Severijn

Thanks for noticing that as well as for the kind words. I've fixed the link.

18 May 2018 Saan

Obviously I think you're crazy for running Meteor Mining, but there's no way I can't like this deck =D. Salem is a cool idea, and also relevant for the ID.

19 May 2018 Severijn

Glad you like it. Meteor mining isn't impossible to pull off, but I will admit that the shell would be better with a different agenda, or with a second three pointer to make the meteor mining win more consistent. At any rate, the wins you get with meteor mining are always glorious. :)

Ibrahim does shine in the deck. I really prefer it to other forfeit assets because it complements the game plan so well.

19 May 2018 Ulkrond

I love the fact that you got both Armed and Meteor in the deck. Well done sir!