Maxximum Volatility: Glacier + FA

StarlightCrusade 91

Recur Biotic Labor with the ID's ability, the bioroid ice, Tapestry and Mason Bellamy, and/or get extra actions with Jeeves Model Bioroids and Manta Grid. Ice is very heavy. Fund it with Bryan Stinson. It's fun to use him on Ultraviolet Clearance and still have actions left to install MORE cards!

You might get a glacier big enough to actually score Global Food Initiative, but you don't have to do anything other than FA if you don't really want to.

26 Dec 2017 Sanjay

I really like the Manta Grid inclusion. That's an interesting option for Seidr!

I don't know how much I like Global Food Initiative in this deck. With the three Mergers, I think most of the time when the runner steals 3 agendas, they will have found one Merger most of the time (about 3/4th of the time, assuming which agendas the runner steals is random).

What could you do with three more influence? Maybe consider some number of Reversed Accounts?

Once Ikawah Project comes out, that seems like an interesting option.

27 Dec 2017 StarlightCrusade

The hope was that there would be so many ways to get Biotic Labor back into your hand that fast-advancing Merger would be easy. Global Food Initiative was just to use up deck space because I don't own enough 3/2's to fill up the deck completely with them. If the runner "cooperates" by firing Manta Grid without trashing Jeeves Model Bioroids, I've managed to FA a Global Food Initiative, but you don't have to.

27 Dec 2017 StarlightCrusade

Reversed Accounts would be helpful though. Rich runners might never fire Manta Grid otherwise.

28 Dec 2017 Sig333

You can cut one GFI for an Efficiency Committee, easier to FA out with a Jeeves and frees you up to cut something else for the Reversed Accounts. I'm with Sanjay that once Ikawah comes out that should just be better than your GFIs, and you'd get access to Fairchild 3.0s.

3 Jan 2018 Fabtraption

I've been trying this deck out the last few days, and I'm curious why you've selected Successful Demonstration over Hedge Fund. Often I've found this deck to be surprisingly broke, and the circumstance where the runner would have an unsuccessful run to be few and far between. Have you given it a test run with Hedge Fund, and have you found any differences with it vs. Demo?