PTD's Commercial Defence Systems

PTD 452

Everyone knows how Skorpios works by now. You take out the breakers then you advance cards in the remote.
Everyone knows how you beat Skorpios by now. You protect your breakers then lock the remote.

That's boring. Let's make it a little spicier. Everything here is trying to up the drama without trying to end it abruptly. This is far from the strongest deck, or even the most refined this concept can be. It was simply an excuse to play around with some pet cards and showcase interesting situations.

With the release of Mass Commercialization we've got some true econ to back up shell game nonsense, doing what Back Channels tried and failed to do. You install and advance things in a remote, or you install and advance things naked. Any failed traps help your econ later.

The ice suite is mostly designed to be punishing rather than taxing - you get a nicer curve rather than just ETRs and Archers. The influence is indulgent as hell but that's the most fun thing to do with influence, right?

Aiki manages to be awkwardly taxing for a lot of breakers making it a spicy piece for your centrals. This influence and slots can be better spent but it meets my 3 criteria I value most: It has subs I want, it is cheap, and it is funny.

Loki interacts nicely with all the other ice. If they have their entire rig up then you can always just grab Excalibur. If they have an AI then just grab the most taxing subs you can.

There's a lot of room to tinker with this, a lot of directions to take it in. Getting the operation balance right, adding some Good Cards like Snare! and Sapper, squeezing in some FA tools, or a kill package. I just felt like sharing the baseline I was experimenting with.