Offer Expires While You Wait

paulxthompson 234

I certainly don't understand Chronos Protocol and am confused about how it's meant to win as opposed to just be a bit irritating - initially for the runner, but ultimately for itself.

Programme Denial via Net Damage with the intention of using Tori Hanzo if it comes up. So... trying to find cards that do two of these three things: 1) Net Damage, 2) Program Knacking, 3) Ambush from Hand or R&D.

Net Damage outside of a Run: Philotic Entanglement, Neural EMP, An Offer you Can't Refuse.

HQ/R&D Traps: Shock, Snare, Archangel.

ICE and ASSETS: Himitsu-Bako, Neural Katanas, Rototurret, Swordsman for early game. Tori Hanzo and Yagura or Swordsman on R&D. ETR's on HQ and one scoring Remote, Wall of Thorns and Archer later on. Himitsu-Bako's can be continually moved to be outer ice where needed if facing Kit or whatever.

Economy: Not enough. Never enough. I'm not happy with Asset economy here, would prefer more operations. Figure assets should be more to do with creating a Trap/Agenda shell game that does a bit of Net/Brain/Trash damage.

Hmmm... Help?

7 Jan 2016 esutter479

As someone with a bit of experience with C.P., but yet still trying to find some balance to it all while remaining effective, I believe Archangel is a decent enough card...but your influence would be better spent on Jacksons, Power Shutdown, and different denial ICE...such as Ichi 1.0.

Your econ doesn't seem to be too bad here, but the ultimate goal is to force the runner to make runs early and often, then ping the good stuff that'll hurt ya out of their hand with Shock and EMP. Your deck appears to mostly promote them running on remotes, which is ok at first...but a well played Whizzard or basically anything with Scrubber in it will have a field day and destroy your econ.

My C.P. runs operation econ only. Imps and Kim are the only ways to mitigate that engine, and while Imp may be semi-popular (at least among Noise users), Kim is not widely used and you won't suffer as much from dryness (clicking for credits) with operations. Also, with need 3 of them. IMO, there's no question about this one, especially if you're able to catch the runner while they're digging for that breaker. Snipe recursion, money...or that breaker they just picked up on click 4. >:D

One thing I'm going to try out soon, is whether or not Will-o'-the-Wisp works in place of Batty. Don't get me wrong, Batty is extremely powerful in this deck...IF you win the psi-game, and to some people, that's too much of a risk. Time to see if that 4 credit difference is going to matter.

7 Jan 2016 BeermanBarman

Wall of Thorns might be too expensive for the deck as currently set up, but it can do some good work here (activating your ability while also ending the run).

Archangel is kind of brilliant here if you have a scored House of Knives, because you can bounce a card and then trash it from their hand.

I'm not as down on asset economy in Chronos Protocol as @esutter479, in part because you can use it to bait runs that trash programs. A naked Sundew can cost the runner the best card in their hand if you've got a HoK scored. Even if you don't, it activates Neural EMP for use on your turn. A perfect world might be Swordsman over your Sundew, trashing their AI and also activating your ID to trash a card. Best case scenario of course, but dreaming is fun.

8 Jan 2016 paulxthompson

Thanks both! Archangel is kind of the main idea I really want to try as it seems to support both the program trashing and the in hand trap plan: originally had Will-o'-the-Wisp, but now am working on a version that has both.

I've found the space for three Neural EMP and three House of Knives without any problems as Tori Hanzō and An Offer You Can't Refuse are gone now.

Couple of questions:

Where does Jinteki usually find operational economy?

I'm tempted to have Shell Corporations and Caprice to move some economy back onto HQ where it can be part of the main source of damage and temptation.

8 Jan 2016 paulxthompson

A few more questions, given that I'm likely to be skint...

...and that Philotic Entanglement is in the deck, (/en/card/05006) how does Snare! compare to Shi.Kyū?

...and that my mission is to deny programmes and free up memory slots, how does Cortex Lock compare to Neural Katana?

Cheeeers, Paul