Kit - Paint me a barrier

therealwarrior 1

On one hand we have a huge Morning Star. Brutally efficient. And Unplayable.
On the other hand we have a Dinosaurus. Growling and turbulent. (Have you met him?)
And on the third hand, because I want Morning Star to be my main breaker, I need a Paintbrush.

Now, imagine a dinosaur with a morning star in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. Some kind of artist dinosaur warrior. Welcome in my mind.

The main idea is obviously to install Morning Star on Dinosaurus as fast as possible with Test Run and Scavenge, while making recognition with Gordian Blade to make the Corp' rez some ICEs.
In the late game, runs on R&D should be quite easy and inexpensive, and R&D Interface should help to lock the Corp' in a tough situation.

Why Kit? Good point. Maybe for the surprise element. But anyway the Corp' has now two types of ICEs that can be easily passed.

The previous version of this idea was too slow, mainly because of a lack of economy. I still have to test this one and enjoy crushing Archers and Tollbooths with my Morning Star!

Any comment is off course welcomed!

14 Nov 2014 M3th

I like the idea, and try to use it a lot of time, but still slow..and expensive. Have you ever consider the inclusion of Modded, Magnum Opus and at least Diesel in this deck? Or now code siphon could be helpfull? A friend of mine use all-nighter to make paintbrush more effcient and, well, it's working:)

14 Nov 2014 therealwarrior

Thanks for your comment. Modded and Magnum Opus have been considered, but Personal Workshop makes the fist redundant. For the second, the idea is to break anything for a few credits, so Professional Contacts, which is not a Program, seemed more consistent. And thus no Diesel. I have not tried Code Siphon yet, but how can you succeed at running the R&D in a first time? All-nighter is a good idea, and I just did not find the slots for it.

15 Nov 2014 Phenix

So you left away your Cyber-Cypher ? Looks you use Gordian Blade to race with corpo in terms of economy. Does a The Personal Touch couldn't be more efficient than Datasucker, moreover with that thing that it don't cost any influence ?