This card has the potential to be a monster of a card. Depending on how your deck is set up to deal with tags (Float them or Adjusted Chronotype/ Qianju PT, or other method of choice ) it will allow you to face check ICE with impuninty giving you free access or costing the Corp a lot of credits to Rez things, then (If) your link is big enough, you can just end up ignoring the ICE anyway (Including annoying "on Encounter" abilities such as the Credit loss from Tollbooth or Auto tag from Data Raven.

Potentially a card people will drop turn one, despite cost just to cost the corp money to rez

I think this is brutal. Together with NACH and maybe Power Tap (if you've seen my review of that, you'll know I'm a convert...) you can really pressure servers in the early game by running without breakers, and save a load of money in the late game bypassing expensive ice. Definitely one to watch, despite the hefty install cost. —
Given that you essentially need to use 5c to do it, plus whatever the corp deigns to spend, are you really saving any money? —
With your ability and this card, you already have 3 link so it's actually 2c —
Its not a console for poor runners. Rabbit Hole will make it much more powerful but again its not cheep. A real pain for the corp to deal with though. —
...As i was saying. My house mate drives me mad with this combo. —
Expesive to install yes, but you can easily save 5, 6, 7, or more credits every turn with it's ability. It very, very quickly pays for itself. I'm personally in favor of it being restricted. —