The weyland equivalent of Ronin, it has much less time required to cycle up than ronin. Facing a weyland deck with this means the runner can't just sit back with no tags and feel safe. It forces the runner to start running more in fear of this sort of losing a valuable connection. Meat damage without tagging saves weyland all the influence necessary to make tagging work.

3 and 4 to do 2 meat damage isn't likely to kill the runner by itself without a tag, however connection destruction is going to be a very reliable way destroying the runner's economy or tempo. Trashing a loaded Kati Jones, Mr. Li and now with The Valley, Paige Piper is a serious set back to the runner. Even more so if they have used Paige to remove all the copies from the deck of that connection.

Combining this with tags allows Weyland to successfully strike with the equivalent of a Traffic Accident if prepared before hand, increasing the chance of successfully flatlining a runner who likes to float one tag while hiding an I've Had Worse in hand to bait Scorched Earth out.

While more efficient than ronin, the total cost is only 1 less, lending itself well to using advancement with The Root, Simone Diego, etc, to keep the cost low.

Placed in Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed, it presents a formidable combo with both Punitive Counterstrike or Scorched based on which option the runner takes.

Useful for both slowing the runner down and flatlining them easier while forcing the runner to play around its potential will make this card very interesting.

Biotic Labour/ToL can help you FA this if need be. —
Good point. ToL would be especially good in Cosmic Ice decks as it gives you something to work with that can use the counters and providing immediate benefit. —
I'm looking at Tech Startup with this card. In Gagarin where you're running lots of remotes, rez tech startup to get this into play if they ever end with only 1 card in hand. Maybe in combination with psychic field and/or snare. —