Legislation Goosecoats - 1st at Derby Regional: 7-0

AndytheLovell 470

This deck went undefeated (7-0) at the Derby regional beating 2 Mti glacier, 2 Team Spons CTM, 1 Skorp, 1 Ded Cer CI and an Azmari glacier, taking me to 1st place.

The general game plan of the deck should be pretty apparent from the list. You go tag me from turn 1, pressure centrals as much as possible, keep the corp poor with a combination of shutdown and DoF, inside job and Femme problematic ice then when they start to stabilise you play apoc and start all over again. The deck lives and dies by successful runs so don't be afraid to run early and often against all corps (yes even Mti) and fire 50/50 events such as DoF and Hot Pursuit as forcing them to rez ice they'd rather not is a win for you.

Why are you playing__ and not__?

Equivocation is great for threatening R+D in the early game and absolutely brutal after an apoc. It allows you to put a lot more pressure on the corp from turn 1 as opposed to Counter Surveillance which is often a one run win later on but gives the corp more time to set up for a lock out or focus on more important servers. Most corps are happy to let you single access R+D for a few turns while they double ice HQ and try to score out. Equivocation makes this a terrible plan.

Doppleganger was mainly in the deck as I couldn't be bothered to manual Paragon on Jnet when I was testing but does allow for some cute plays like Equivocating 5 times in one turn or playing Mars for Martians click 1 and still having a click left to apoc. It also gives you more bankroll and turtle counters when you need to check naked remotes vs asset spam

Eater acts as a 4th turtle in the early game to force ice to be rezzed and as a safety valve to recharge turtle later on if you get locked out and purged. Bare in mind that accessing 0 cards with eater still gives a turtle counter.

3 Femme is a must for me as seeing one early is vital to ensuring that turtle keeps firing and the corp needs more ice. Obv best to install with Credit Kiting but the deck runs quite rich so a hard install is often fine.

The High Profile Target in the Room

Yes, you will auto lose against Argus and Outfit decks. Playing this at the regional was a meta call and if the field is likely to be >20% meat damage decks then it's probably not worth it, however if you do bring it I can guarantee (no guarantee) that you will win all the rest of your match ups and have an absolute blast.

Closing Thoughts

This deck is a lot of fun to play, is extremely interactive and opens up lots of really interesting lines and match ups. The CTM matches in particular are very interesting and create difficult puzzles for both players to solve. Give it a go, you will love it.

If you have any questions or ideas hit me up on Slack - Loveman

Many thanks to Leachrode and ChrisFerg for helping me test and refine this deck - shame you were too cowardly to actually bring it to a regional! : P

NB: Please don't talk to me if you put Citadel Sanctuary in Liza, tag me Liza is the one true Liza!

NB: many thanks for the Goose meta for 4 years of fun!

22 Jul 2018 HammyNotTheHamster

Congrats mate, so well deserved! Definitely trying this deck.

23 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Hm, I can't give up on Counter Surveillance (also playing a Tag Me Liza Deck). ;-) I won most games with this card, even though its only one copy. But I will try your deck on Jinteki.net for comparison! Published mine with the name "Liza Obeson".

23 Jul 2018 AndytheLovell

Yeh I think the Counter Surveillance versions of this deck are also really strong. Equivocation is more a playstyle thing than anything else and Liza's ability is innately powerful enough to go in a few different directions and still be a very good deck

23 Jul 2018 emilyspine

Congrats Andy, I just bumped into this on jnet - you're famous now!

24 Jul 2018 AndytheLovell

Ha! Yeh I just had my Mti deck pasted by it. Hoisted with my own petard

25 Jul 2018 JamesWinters

This deck is stupid and should not exist. Nicely done!

26 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Hm, I playes a lot of games now, and in my experience this Liza Deck is way harder so play efficiently. You need multiple accesses on r&d to mill through which can get pretty taxing very fast, while with a CS Build you only need one. I mean I like the idea, and once in 20 games it really worked milling through R&D... But never as good as with a CS. Maybe Im doing sth wrong... :-(

26 Jul 2018 AndytheLovell

Hard to say without seeing the games obv but generally I wouldn't want to pay more than 3 credits for an R+D hit unless I'm completely swimming in money. Re counter surveillance, I think you can straight swap the equiv out and still have a good deck so maybe try that

27 Jul 2018 5N00P1

Tried your Deck and loved it. Switch Eater and Apocalypse for Counter Surveillance and loved it. Thanks for the inspiration, it went 3 - 0 in our GNK against some chellenging players.
This is my adaption

27 Jul 2018 AndytheLovell

Looks really cool 5N00P1, I agree on the maxwells - I initially had 3 but found myself discarding them a lot. I think my next iteration will most likely drop the apoc and 1 equiv for 2 counter surveillance, I am coming round to the idea of it being a strict upgrade in a lot of matches. I love the eater though so loathe to cut it, well done on the GNK result!

27 Jul 2018 5N00P1

I think when I had the Counter Surveillance it was helping me winning the game. But I was lacking Sneakdoor Betas and this, I think I fired it once.
And Maxwell James it's usefull, but you move your matchups when playing this deck....

27 Jul 2018 5N00P1

No, uset Counter Surveillance once on HQ, which many people forget about and once on R&D. Both for the win.

28 Jul 2018 zmb

You could always try and Embezzle the High-Profile Target or Consulting Visit . I have been playing a similar Counter Surveillance version, with Imp to trash meat damage cards

31 Jul 2018 Drager

I love some Equivocation but i would switch to 2x Equivocation to 1x Equivocation and 1x Self-Modifyng Code.

The SMC is there to be and equivocation if needed, or something else entirely if needed.

1 Aug 2018 leachrode

@Drager one thing that's worth bearing in mind is that the deck runs apocalypse with no way to save the equiv if it gets flipped over, SMC is hugely powerful but 2 Equiv lets you put pressure on with 1, then apoc, then continue to equiv them afterwards sometimes